70Xue Bin market looks forward to the release of the United States and the United States more than a s|Xue Bin market looks forward to the release of the United States and the United States more than a s6

Xue Bin: the market for U.S. release signal pounds more than a single layout market [review] September 21st fed meeting is crucial for the future direction of the trend of the dollar, even can not meet the market’s desire, but as long as the release signal to raise interest rates during the year, the dollar still further extended gains possible. Yesterday, the euro stabilized support, the daily charge small line, above resistance is still no change. Pound small. Callback, but the bears did not leave. On the eve of the FOMC meeting, caution remains the main principle. [1150] to support the euro against the dollar than expected strong price a lot, has not broken up, above resistance at 1210 locations, the price will be further to the breakdown, or if the Fed released the good news, the euro at any time the possibility of powei. On line continue to shock, the weekly index Guaitou down, this is a positive signal, the days following the 1205-1225 interval short bearing resistance. Empty hair force [] the pound against the dollar last week to support position on line smooth touch pounds down channel, the possibility of this location break little reference to do more is a good choice. Yesterday, the daily charge at the bottom of the turning signal, try for the short-term point the day and await for it. Weekly and daily resistance is still clear in 3130 points, therefore, the price index and the deviation will increase the difficulty of the operation, short-term to continue bearish, in the long term can be considered more than a single layout. The euro against the dollar: 1200-1210 interval short, stop 40 points, target 1180-1155 interval. Pound against the dollar: 3090-3100 interval short, stop 40 points, target 3070-3030 interval. International gold  :1321-1322 interval short, stop 1325, target 1314-1310 interval. Sina’s statement: sina.com.cn posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description. This article is for reference only and does not constitute investment advice. Investors operate accordingly, the risk of their own.

10200 million buy NBA Live right Tencent Sports no matter but the internal discussion|200 million buy NBA Live right Tencent Sports no matter but the internal discussion2

200 million buy NBA live right? But no matter: sports Tencent internal discussion after each intern reporter Chen Yaolin NBA on the evening of August 24th, the industry came news that last tasted the sweetness of the NBA copyright Tencent sports recently shot again, spend over 200 million yuan to win the next 4 seasons NBA LP (LeaguePass, Chinese "League pass"). August 25th, Zhao Guochen, general manager of Tencent sports operations in response to the daily economic news reporter, said there is no matter, the relevant content of copyright, Tencent are still under negotiation. But for now, to spend 200 million yuan to buy the copyright LP news is not true." He also admitted that, for the NBA LP copyright, Tencent sports inside is indeed discussed, but now everything is not sure. In fact, the Tencent in recent years in the sports sector, especially basketball field frequently layout: won last year NBA exclusive new media rights, this year with the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) signed a 9 year long cooperation. Industry analysts said the intention to get through the basketball industry chain Tencent, the future may also be involved in the bidding CBA. The interior has been discussed, yet "sports industry media 24 evening news reported recently, the Tencent sports to determine with NBA for a period of 4 years with LeaguePass copyright, signed last summer 5 years new media copyright overlap together. Tencent to pay the price of more than 200 million yuan, an average of more than $50 million per year. It is understood that LP is a NBA contains almost all of the regular season game streaming subscription service. NBA currently has 30 teams, each team played 82 regular season, a total of 1230 regular season. If the contract is completed, this also means that in the next four years, the Tencent will have NBA sports each season all 1230 regular season games of the new media rights. For this rumor, Zhao Guochen denied, saying the company has taken note of the relevant media reports, and asked for rectification of the content. But he also revealed that the LP copyright for the NBA, the company has been discussed inside, but everything is still not sure, it will not announce any news." In fact, at the beginning of 2015 Tencent sports spend about $500 million, from the hands of sina grabbed the exclusive right to broadcast live in China NBA. According to the 5 year contract with NBA, Tencent paid nearly $100 million per year of copyright costs, and the price is also Sina’s past three years and NBA signed up to 5 times. After obtaining the copyright, Tencent sports also homeopathy launched its own pay broadcast system, respectively, designed 1 yuan, 30 yuan, 3 yuan and 12 yuan a month 298 yuan three programs. Tencent has said that paid users can enjoy exclusive games, Blu ray quality and other members of the exclusive content. Industry analysts believe that, strictly speaking, sports Tencent was just won the 600 game broadcast rights, the other half of the game is a video on demand rights. But at that time, NBA Internet TV (OTT) copyright in bestv TV. Therefore, Tencent get the copyright can not be completely exclusive. To build the whole industry chain in the field of basketball sports to buy LP copyright Tencent, industry analysis.