Suning finance, Su Ningmei research will be unveiled at the Beijing Expo the first exhibition 扬州晚报博客网

Suning financial research, Su Ningmei will debut in Beijing golden fair on display for the first time   graphical password technology — Finance — (figure for Su Ningmei research to develop graphical password display technology) twelfth Beijing International Finance Expo (referred to as: Beijing golden Fair) will be held October 27th -30, held in Beijing exhibition center. Recently, the reporter learned that Suning Suning will join the Silicon Valley Financial Research Institute (referred to as: Su Ningmei Research) debut in Beijing golden fair, show the financial results of scientific research. According to reports, the Beijing Expo is known as "the development of China financial industry leader, by the Beijing municipal government," three "in Beijing, financial institutions, domestic and foreign experts and scholars attach great importance to the top. At this exhibition, Suning finance will join hands with Su to show its research results in the third party payment field – Graphic cryptography technology. Graphical password technology requires the user to set a picture in the system, the operation of one or more locations or click hand-painted graphics on the touch screen, the system is recorded and stored to the network server authentication. When the user next trigger graphical password authentication, only need to verify the operation and pre existing user authentication password authentication terminal (operation information) is consistent, can be verified. Su Ningmei introduced the research and technical personnel, products related to this technology will be applied to future Suning’s financial, user authentication mobile terminal including the lock screen, boot and other local acts, APP user login or specific behavior (such as mobile payment etc.) the user password authentication, or to visit a particular web site (such as online banking user login etc.) or specific behaviors (such as transfer, payment security verification). In fact, a large number of existing products of Suning finance have applied fingerprint authentication, face recognition and other technologies. The successful application of these technologies is closely related to Su Ningmei research. It is reported that Suning United States Silicon Valley Research Institute was founded in 2013, is Su ningyun group Limited by Share Ltd in the world to set up its first overseas research institute. Su Ningmei focuses on the integration of online and offline O2O mode, focusing on cutting-edge technology research in intelligent search, big data, high-performance computing and other fields. Since its inception, research results of Ningmei research to promote Jiangsu Suning financial development. Today, Suning finance has become the leader of China’s financial O2O. "We will continue to rely on Su Ningmei research strength, from the most advanced Internet financial practice and the most advanced financial technology research, continued to force in the financial O2O, biometric authentication, artificial intelligence etc.." Suning financial relevant person in charge told reporters.     note: This article belongs to the people’s network of commercial information published, the content does not represent the views of the network, for reference only. (commissioning editor Zhao Shuang and Zhuang Hongtao) 苏宁金融、苏宁美研将亮相北京金博会 首次展出图形密码技术–财经–人民网 (图为苏宁美研开发图形密码技术展示)   第十二届北京国际金融博览会(简称:北京金博会)将于10月27日-30日在北京展览馆举行。近日,记者获悉,苏宁金融将携手苏宁美国硅谷研究院(简称:苏宁美研)亮相北京金博会,展示其金融科技研究成果。   据介绍,北京金博会被誉为“中国金融业发展风向标”,受到北京市委市政府、“一行三会”、在京金融机构、国内外顶级专家学者的高度重视。在本届展会上,苏宁金融将携手苏宁美研展示其在第三方支付领域的研究成果–图形密码技术。   图形密码技术需要用户预先在系统中设置一张图片,在触屏上一个或者多个位置点击或手绘图形等操作,被系统记录并存储至网络服务器认证端。当用户下次触发图形密码认证时,只需要验证操作与预存在认证端的用户认证密码(操作信息)相一致,则可通过验证。   苏宁美研的技术人员介绍,该项技术未来将应用于苏宁金融旗下的相关产品,包含移动终端锁屏、开机等本地行为的用户验证,APP用户登录或具体行为(如移动支付等)的用户密码认证,或用于访问特定网站(比如网上银行等)的用户登录或具体行为(如转账、支付等)的安全验证。   其实,苏宁金融旗下现有的大量产品已经应用了指纹认证、人脸识别等技术。而这些技术成功应用与苏宁美研密不可分。   据悉,苏宁美国硅谷研究院成立于2013年,是苏宁云商集团股份有限公司在全球设立的首家海外研究院。苏宁美研着眼于融合线上线下O2O模式,聚焦于智能搜索、大数据、高性能计算等领域的前沿技术研究。自成立以来,苏宁美研的研究成果推动着苏宁金融发展。如今,苏宁金融已经成为中国金融O2O的领先者。   “我们将继续依托苏宁美研科研实力,借鉴美国最前沿的互联网金融实践和最先进的金融科技研究成果,在金融O2O、生物认证、人工智能等方面持续发力。”苏宁金融的相关负责人对记者表示。    注:此文属于人民网登载的商业信息,文章内容不代表本网观点,仅供参考。 (责编:赵爽、庄红韬)相关的主题文章: