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Games With every passing day, more and more new wow gold buyers crop up online and on TV. Basically, they’re all talking about the same things and making similar offers. How, then, are you supposed to determine just which buyer is safe, reliable and high paying? How will you separate the wheat from the chaff when it comes to where you should send your gold property? Here, I will show the top 5 wow gold online stores to you, which are my personally gold suppliers. 1. Mmocarts ( ): Launched in 2006, Mmocarts has earned a solid reputation for smooth and safe deliveries. Delivery was fast within 24 hours on every order. They keep you well informed throughout the buying process, which adds to feeling of safety buying from them. Price is fair. I have been doing business with then for over a year now and through my investigations I feel to buy wow gold from them is timely, safely, and professionally. 2. Gold4power : This has been an established company that has sold game currency for a long time and they have a lot of loyal customers. They communicate very well with the customer and offer many ways for them to be contacted. 3. : This site matches to offer you the cheapest wow gold prices on the internet. They have an affiliate program but mainly it sells gold at the lowest price. Also, their customer support is very good; they have live chat and email support. Their reputation seems to growing by the minute, which isnt surprising because they are one of the safest sellers of Gold I’ve come across in a long while. Delivery speed is also very good; I highly recommend using 4. IGE: It can be the rather well known wow gold selling site, which keeps a good supply of world of warcraft gold at all times. IGE is the oldest and largest MMORPG gold selling company on the internet. They have very competitive prices and on wow gold. IGE has by far the most payment options I have seen any gold seller have to this point and they have a very good FAQ about what they take for payment. 5. Thsale: This is the best site you will find for combined features and price. It has very good prices on gold and offers a lot of services other sites do not offer such as skill leveling, honor grinding, and reputation leveling. The customer service is very good and the site is very well done. If you have different suggestions, please tell me, and then I will be very happy to add them on this list. Comment your word here Source: 相关的主题文章: