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Reference-and-Education Leading software companies keeps on introducing Fresh I.T technologies and new version of the existing technologies in order to provide a better and secure web services to the users. Every company want to develop dynamic web applications with high security and comfortable access to their users but somehow it is very difficult to achieve these two crucial issues with every software development technology. In fact, there are very few such web application development techniques which can delivers both these important issues at the same time. When it comes to web security the first name which comes to our mind is Java. In other words, we can say that no other existing I.T development technique can be compared to Java in term of security. That is why the most widely used mobile operating system i.e. Android is using Java for generating its source from security point of view. All the android applications run on Java platforms. Moreover, Java flexibility to the developers to as Java follows a basic guide of "Write once and run anywhere" under which professionals are not restricted to some particular operating system or any platform for proper functioning of these web applications. If we talk about emerging software engineering, they must go for Java training once at least because no matter whether they are going to working in the domain or not but they must the basic fundamental of this amazing I.T advancement. The best time to do it is the summer breaks which happens just after the completion of the even semester examination of the engineering colleges in most of the parts of the country. Students can initiate with this fruitful industrial learning during their summer training time period. There are some superb advantages of ding this internship like – 1) This short term industrial learning can help students afterwards when go for their advanced training on Java only. 2) They can easily learn android without any problem as core fundamental are very much required for learning mobile application development. 3) They get chance to get career guidance from industrial professionals. 4) Understand how live projects are executed in the industry and many more reason are there. In short summer training on java comes with wide range of career oriented benefits for the students. But, students can make most of these advantages only if they are doing their industrial java training from a I.T company rather than from a learning institute. As, technical universities and college have become very specific about summer training certification of the students in the present times. Colleges want training experience which can really help students in getting jobs and not just for formality. The reason behind this is the last few years placement records for the engineering students all around the nation which is not at all up to the mark as per the expectations for the educational organizations and students. Last economical recession was one of the biggest reasons behind this disastrous condition of the engineering students in the present times. Companies are not at all in the experimenting mood now and have become very particular about each and every issue. From their working style to hiring procedure everything have changed now. Students need to understand this as soon as possible and must start working hard in their technical and other important aspects like communication, personality etc. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: