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Web-Design There are several advantages of hosting an e-commerce store on the Magento platform. Magento is open source shopping cart software that flocks the websites of one of the best names in the e-commerce industry. The online fashion studio of ace designer Paul Smith is driven by the Magento software. Similarly, Goodyear, the world largest tyre manufacturing industry allows its customers to view, select and purchase products from their Magento website. These are some of the best names in the industry that have faith in the Magento software. The platform has all the attributes and features that are required to run a modern online business. Getting on with the task of Magento development is quite easy. It is a highly customizable and automated framework; that offers a lot of scope to develop real time and high selling online stores. Magento is also regarded to be the most search engine friendly e-commerce platform on the web. However, there are certain elements that need to be strictly followed to make the website SEO friendly. Hire Magento Developer who is well aware of measures that are required to make a website compatible with the major search engines on the web such as Google & Yahoo. To facilitate the process of natural and effortless listing of your Magento website on search engine, ensure that the developer of your website employs the following techniques: 1.Thorough Optimization of the URL of the website: Follow this trail through the Script Admin Area> System> Configuration> Web> SEO Optimization to make the website SEO friendly. Additionally ensure that the URL is long and has the name of the website on each page. 2.Work upon the page load speed: A major problem with Magento websites is that it tends to get slow. A sluggish website can intervene with SEO. To fully address the problem, Hire Magento developer India who can effectively use the PHPpopcode cache, and MySQL. Incorporation of these elements can definitely enhance the speed of a Magento website. 3.Do not ignore template optimization: Template optimization is very important to make a Magento website SEO friendly. A Magento developer must optimize blank templates and clear excessive usage of the heading. They should also avoid using header on the side columns for better optimization. 4.Take care of duplicate content: Once the basic configuration and customization is in place, it is important to divert attention towards the content of the website. Ensure that the product and category pages have different content. Overlapping content can come in the way of optimization. 5.Develop clean and robust code: This is perhaps the most elementary yet a crucial element that makes a website SEO friendly. Complex and unclear codes are often goes unnoticed by the search engine bots. Deploy effective cache management measures to generate clean and powerful codes. Magento developer who is well experienced in the field of Magento customization, development and integration. A seasoned developer can add value to the entire cause of developing most SEO friendly e-commerce websites. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: