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Parenting If one were to conduct a word association exercise regarding the Country of Mexico, there would be many answers given in response to various topics. For example, if the word food was mentioned in relationship to the country of Mexico, the responses may include tacos, enchiladas, burritos, tamales, etc. Although, these responses may be valid and typical, they may not capture the lesser known and yet delicious food offerings associated with Mexico. Some of those food offerings could be the tantalizing preparation of salmon, chicken or pork prepared using the flavors of Mexico. The same exercise could take place in regards to describing health care in Mexico and specifically baby care in Mexico. Possibly, words such as poor, inadequate or nonexistent would be used to define baby care in Mexico. Perhaps, for some individuals, it would be a surprise to know that healthy baby care in Mexico has undergone a considerable reformation and is punctuated by a preventative and successful immunization program that provides for the health of the young citizens of Mexico. Change In Attitude It was recognized by leading medical professionals that poverty in Mexico was exacerbated by the ill-health experienced by the nation’s impoverished. However, recognizing this issue was only part of the efforts in working towards a solution. Something practical needed to be ac.plished. This solution was found as Mexico adopted a health reform plan to bring universal health care services to its residents. It is estimated that over 40 million Mexicans will, in the near future, be afforded health care. This health care was, up until this time, not available to the general impoverished population, and certainly the critical need for baby care in Mexico was lacking. Current Situation Stages of this medical plan are already operational in Mexico and millions of citizens have access to quality medical care. This .mitment to provide health and baby care in Mexico began with an investment of money, facilities and human resources. This .mitment has been demonstrated in the past years with the government investing billions of dollars into their newly revitalized health care system, the construction of over 1,500 new health treatment sites and modernization of current health facilities. In addition, new health care providers have been engaged to meet the ongoing medical needs of those who have been enrolled in the medical coverage. Specifically the coverage for health and baby care in Mexico requires participants to pay an annual fee. This fee can range from $65 to $1,000. This premium is based on the family’s annual in.e. In addition, those families whose annual in.e falls within the lower one-fifth of the in.e spectrum are deemed as exempt and are not required to pay for health coverage. Immunizations When it .e to providing baby care in Mexico it has be.e increasingly clear that prevention is the optimum choice in addressing health issues. These preventative measures include education and a driven immunization program. Immunizations, in providing for baby care in Mexico, have proven to be an effective health maintenance measure. Specifically, this measure of providing baby care in Mexico has eradicated polio and dramatically reduced the death rate attributed to such diseases as measles, diphtheria and tetanus amongst newborns. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: