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.puters-and-Technology It seems nowadays that Online Remote Backup services are rising in popularity with each passing year. An important reason for this is that remote backup and recovery plans can be very expensive to implement in-house. In addition to the cost of hardware, software and the cost of hiring trained employees to handle the process, there is the additional expense of maintaining an off-site location for your remote backups. This last step is essential for protecting your critical data from theft, sabotage and also natural disasters. For a nominal monthly fee, businesses are now entrusting their remote backup services to other third-party .panies which ensure that all their critical data are safely transferred and stored in offsite locations for easy recovery whenever they need it. The remote backup services are also much more cost effective and reliable than traditional backup methods using tape, zip, Jazz, CDRW, or DVD drives.  Once the service has been set up, it typically requires no human intervention and requires no additional hardware. If a .pany ever suffers from a data loss, the ROI would be hundreds of times of what was originally paid for the remote backup service. Most remote backup services transfer data over the web and store the files in an offsite data center. These data centers provide online access to your backed up data which allows you to restore files from anywhere in the world. If due to a natural disaster or some other calamity you are unable to .mute, all your data is easily available to you easily with a few clicks of your mouse. A remote backup is usually run automatically once a day at a preset time, transferring your new and changed files securely over the Internet, in an encrypted format so as to protect against hackers. This saves you time because you don’t have to spend hours uploading files to a hard drive or downloading documents onto a CD. You don’t even have to remember that a backup is scheduled with automated remote backups. The remote backup services are an established solution for safe storage of important .puter files. Many things can happen to a .puter and the data stored within them which makes it necessary that businesses and private .puter users rely on the protection provided by remote backup services. Remote backup can be implemented to keep all the important files protected and are found to be far more secure and reliable than the conventional tape backup storage solutions. Individuals, small businesses, corporations, and .anizations can make use of this service to ensure that their files are protected and can be easily accessed anytime. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: