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Pets Discus fish are quite a shy species of fish and they prefer their environment to have lots of places to hide in as well as for the tank to be kept in a quiet area of the house away from noisy places. The secret to keeping discus fish lies in the diet, the environment and believe it or not, the water is a very important discus fish secret. Discus fish secrets are not difficult to .e by, there are dozens of resources that you can use, including books dedicated to the care of discus fish, websites devoted to breeding and looking after discus fish and more. Many aquarists believe that keeping discus fish is a difficult task and should not be attempted by inexperienced fish keepers; however one of the secrets to successfully keeping discus fish is their environment. Discus fish are quite large, especially when they are full grown so you will need a tank that can hold at least 20 gallons of water, 27 gallons at a maximum. Their tank should be kept in a quite place because discus fish can be.e stressed if subjected to lots of noise, and their tank should have plenty of places for them to hide, such as aquarium ornaments, over turned pot plants you can even add a few potted plants to your aquarium for your fish to enjoy. If you are attempting to breed discus, then you must provide them with a surface in which to lay their spawn such as an upturned plant pot. Another discus fish secret is their diet discus fish must have a varied diet in order to thrive and this includes; beef heart, tetra pieces, blood worms and fresh or frozen brine shrimp. It is important to clean up any left over debris of food because this can make the water in the tank turn very quickly and lead to sick fish. One of the most important discus fish secrets to know is the water. Discus fish .e from the Amazon River and so are used to warm and distilled water. The water in the tank should be kept at a temperature of around 26-31 C, with the temperature 29 C thought to be ideal for fully grown discus fish. The water in the tank must be soft and slightly acidic with a pH level of 5.5-6.5 for wild caught discus fish. For more information on the secrets of keeping discus fish, check out your local library for reference books, or you could even search the inter. for quick and easy to follow information. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: