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Babies-Toddler If there were no benefits of bottle feeding, no one who is capable of breastfeed would not decides for it. Although there are some real advantages, they cant overshadow all the positive thinks that breastfeeding provides. The baby eat less frequently Formula milk is harder to digest than breast milk and the longer it stays in your baby’s stomach, creating a feeling of fullness that can last several hours. In this way, in the very early stages the gap between meals increases to three or four hours. Because breast milk quickly and easily digested, many babies eat so often that they are constantly on the mother’s breast. This frequent feedings are not useless, since they stimulate milk production, but they can be exhausting. Easy control of amount of eaten milk What is a mystery to many mothers in the first days and weeks after childbirth, is whether their child is getting enough food by breastfeeding, whether eating enough and what is the amount that they are sufficient to saturate. When the baby feeds on the bottle, these kind of questions are not a mystery. You will always know amount of eaten milk and how much your baby eats. More freedom This way of feeding not hampers you in no way. You’re free as you want to be. Long nights out (if you have willing grandparents to keep your baby), dinners, travel, shopping, everything is much more relaxed because you do not have to run home to be there when your baby asks to eat. Much more and your husband can participate in feeding. It is less demanding A mother who is exhausted from hard labor does not have to further strain in the night awakening and breastfeeding, a husband can always replace her or someone who finds herself there to help. Also, your body, will less overwork if you do not have to produce milk. Less diet restrictions Mother who fed the baby whit formula can stop eating for two". Does not have to eat extra protein and calcium, and vitamins that she drank during pregnancy, but a breastfeeding mother has to take care of all this. Mothers who feed their babies on the bottle can even smoke and drink at a party somewhere a little more, can drink a painkiller and eat spicy food, so you do not have to care about effects on the baby. After the first six weeks of childbirth, she may be on a diet, but wisely, and to remove all the weight that bothered her. This is something that a breastfeeding mother cant do until the baby rejects the breast. Feeding in public is less uncomfortable Bottle feeding can be carried out in public without shame and embarrassment. A woman who feeds her baby on the bottle is not as interesting to other as a woman who is breastfeeding. If your baby does not want to take the bottle you can try the following tips: Give someone else to offer her a bottle; Offer her a bottle with milk when your baby is too hungry; Feeding your baby in a different place where you are constantly giving her to eat (if it is a rejection of breastfeeding); Offer her formula from a dark bottle so that baby cant see what you give her; Preheat a pacifier before you offer her to baby; Try different brands of the pacifier; If your baby is eating solid food, when you make pures add some formula. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: