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Sports-and-Recreation The Suunto Vector altimeter watch is quite possibly the best-in-class in this market. This manufacturer has spent considerable effort positioning itself as the high-end leader. Two other products which are done extremely well in the same market Suunto are their Core and T versions of the altimeter watch. This .pany was begun about 85 years ago. In the process it got into altimeter watches and was the first at mass-producing .passes. Then about 70 years ago they began making scuba diving watches – that are frequently called dive .puters. Only recently, with the last 25 years, thought, have they branched out into sports related watches with altimeter, barometer, .pass functions. Their market position is totally dominating the high end part of the altimeter watch market. Their products are by far the most expensive, but they are by far the best. I say there the best because they deliver these functions with impeccable accuracy and also deliver them in an extremely easy to read format. The exciting thing about carrying an altimeter watch like this when you’re out in the woods is that it can be a real safety enhancer. The fact that you have got everything right there on your arm can give you a tremendous feeling of security. You can literally find Top of Form your way out the woods with this watch. All you need is a map in your ability to correlate latitude and longitude location with elevation and you have an exact idea where you are at all times. Why do people buy Suunto Vector watches? Suunto Vectors cost less than their other products, like the Core. You can get a Vector for about $200. The reason they buy this watch is because it is very easy to interpret it is a bit of a status symbol in the outdoor world. People that lay out the money for this type of watch her serious outdoorsman. The Vector doesn’t have all the bells and whistles (thermometer, depth gauge for diving, and logging capability), but it is a super-solid product from the altimeter watch leader. I have tried the Suunto product alongside cheaper altimeter watches, such as the Casio in the Timex. The difference in what you get is pretty remarkable. While both the low-end and high-end of this watch spectrum provides excellent products, the difference is the higher-end products like the Suunto are much easier to interpret. You have got to work at it with the Casio in the Timex. Don’t get me wrong – the lower end products are just as accurate. They just aren’t as easy to interpret, nor do they have great features like the ability to predict the weather and a clear and understandable format. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: