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Interior-Decorating As you may be aware, all builders have their responsibilities and duty of care under the WA Occupational Health & Safety Act (1984). This includes the provision of ‘going as far as practicable’ to reduce accidents on all building sites. That act contains a number of statutory duties of care which describe the responsibilities of employers, sub-contractors and of course employees. For employers these duties include the provision of safe work practices, (JSA’s, SWMS) provision of supervision, instruction and training etc. The act intentifies sub-contractors and employees who must also take responsable care to protect them at work by co-operating with principal contractors/builders/employers and by following safe work procedures and wearing the appropriate personal protective equipment. Owners Works Prior to Handover: AS the principal building contractor we are mandated to ensure that our sites are safe at ALL times, even after working hours. All of our clients are required to .plete a "site acknowledgement form" whereby they acknowledge that they cannot perform any works outside of the contract at any time. When extra works outside of the contract are performed on site during or after hours, Gemmill Homes is not in a position to (or are even contracted to) supervise these works and thus cannot guarantee the safety onsite. As you can see this has the potential to create difficulty in our relationships with all those concerned and as a result we have instructed all of our sub-contractors not to perform any over-works during the construction period. Gemmill Homes has an in-house safety .mittee that meets monthly with our safety consultant who keeps us abreast of the latest requirements of the OHS Act. Random onsite inspections are also performed by the undersigned together with our consultant who report back to the .mitess for any re.mendations to improve. Together we can all do our bit to make all building sites in our group safe. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: