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Dating So you are back into the dating game and looking for Mr Right but somehow always end up with Mr Wrong. My single girlfriends are forever telling me that there are no good men left as they are all married or taken! Well contrary to the popular belief held by women that all the good single guys are taken and that there are not enough good men left to date there is ample evidence to show that this is just not the case. In fact the average single guy looking for love is in-fact highly likely to be someone who has a good career as a teacher or tradesman. Statistically he will be over five feet seven inches in height and will be relatively athletic and not too overweight. He will have an above-average appearance and will enjoy to cook, dance and also doesn’t mind an occasional walk in the country along with going to the movies and eating out. Look For Honesty And Monogamous Males The best dating advice for women would be to look for these average’ single guys who are also looking for a lasting, permanent and loving relationship. Generally these men view monogamy positively and also pride themselves on being honest. These gentlemen are generally looking for a lady of a similar age, so women should concentrate on meeting guys either their own age or up to 5 years younger or older, depending on your preference. Another important dating advice for women is to actually give the guy a chance. It is a .mon .plaint among men that women are too quick to pass judgments and simply don’t give them the opportunity to to get to know the women and to develop a relationship. It is a known fact that women believe that most men place too much emphasis on physical appearance, however, the same criticism can also be leveled against most women when they are out in the pursuit of a relationship with a man. In the single circles it is quite .mon for men to .plain that they have been rejected by women on the basis of their looks and that their other valuable attributes like honesty, integrity and their caring nature have been totally ignored. Did you know that most dating agencies will not initially show women photographs of prospective dates until the women has expressed an interest on meeting the man based on his job, interests and other factors like height and age, purely because women place so much emphasis on the importance of looks. So my dating advice for women is that if you are seriously looking for a new partner forget about finding that perfect looking man’ and expand your horizons by looking for more desirable qualities in men, such as finding someone who has similar interests and good .munication skills. Today, women have many more opportunities to meet men than the single women of 50 years ago who generally did not have jobs and found it difficult to meet eligible men. Women have a very big presence in the workforce and this allows ample opportunity to meet and develop relationships with men during and after work. Ladies, you should not be intent on meeting the perfect match straight away. Instead it is better to date someone who has a few of the personal qualities you are interested in and with a little luck this person may be.e your ideal partner’. As the old saying goes ‘you can’t judge a book by the cover’, so be open and willing to speak with men before you make a judgment based purely on their looks. By taking this approach you do not have much to lose but you could certainly have plenty to gain. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: