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Shopping-and-Product-Reviews The Preparedness Center found at Preparedness.. is your best source for low cost online purchasing of first aid and 5 year shelf life food rations, freeze dried camping food meals, 72 hour emergency kits for action, adventure, outdoor gear, homeland security alerts. Be prepared with Government re.mended pandemic supplies and prepare for H5N1 Avian Bird Flu, Armageddon, avalanche, blizzard, crisis, terrorist attack, tornado, tsunami, major disaster, firestorm, heat wave, earthquake, hurricane, Severe Weather, flood, anthrax, hazardous chemical accidents or other emergency. We have Tow ropes, Aqua Blox, Water containers, rations automobile emergency kits, backpacks, batteries, black out supplies, blankets, burn unit, camping supplies, camping survival, sandbags, military gear, battery fans & More… Supplies for canoeing, emergency checklist, classroom preparedness, and .prehensive deluxe 72 hour kits. Whatever disaster you prepare for in your region, we have the disaster kit & disaster preparedness supplies for everything on your disaster preparedness checklist. If you believe in being prepared for doomsday, drought, or other catastrophe, rest assured that our website, online preparedness and survival store can prepare you with drinking water, duct tape, tarps, rolls of platic barrier, dust masks, N95 masks, emergency candles, emergency first aid, emergency food, emergency food rations, and effective emergency instructions. We are your emergency survival kit supply source! We offer FEMA and Red Cross re.mended supplies for fire, Fire Extinguisher, AAA re.mended Flares and Flat Tire Fixer, C.E.R.T. supplies including food, food bar, food bars, food rations, food storage, food storage containers, and CERT gear. If you are concerned about Homeland security, you can find every conceivable Homeland security product, from jumper cables to light sticks. You won’t go hungry with out MRE’s, meals ready to eat on hand, and a .prehensive medical kit will help you mend your wounds. Whether a natural disaster like El Nino, global warming or a foreign terrorist threat, keep a HelpWare’ Emergency Supply kit, on hand, and don’t forget the special items like a Poncho, a port a potty for hygiene and disease control, potassium iodide, and other essential preparedness supplies. An ounce of prevention, like storage of purified water, water purifying filter for an earthquake or natural disaster, radios to .municate and learn what Emergency Services are available, basic rations for you ready pack, and overall readiness, can prepare you and your loved ones or coworkers to ride out the 72 hour period re.mended while awaiting rescue. For your vehicle, always have an emergency roadside kit on hand with Road Flares, rope, rucksack, and generals safety supplies, maybe a safety vest, wool blanket, solar Blanket, Army Knife, solar radio flashlight, spot light, waterproof poncho, & whistle. Make sure your kids are safe with school emergency kits and school emergency first aid supplies. School kits should include the basic food, water, first aid, .munication, sanitary, and heating/shelter supplies, and the school (like your workplace) should be prepared with adequate search and rescue kits, security, and supplies with adequate shelf life. Check back at our online survival store regularly for our specials like solar powered flashlights and radios, and see our seasonal specials on survival kits, and survival supplies. We appreciate you taking the time to read our survival tips, and look for new items each Month such as our U.S. Coast Guard Approved Survival Food and US Coast Guard Approved First Aid Kits. Also Visit the USGS for earthquake information, and learn about volcanic threats, volcanoes are as likely a threat in the US now as war, so think of the essential needs like Water in a sealed water barrel, portable plastic water container, water preserver or water purifier, waterproof containers for clothing and shelter items, and other .mon, yet hard to find wilderness survival, winter storm, Flash flood safety kits, products and supplies – We’ll be here when you are ready to prepare! many of our products are sold at better than wholesale price to the Public with a huge selection of Manufacturer Direct Safety Product Sales since 1994. Our network of online .panies have better purchasing power and are able to pass the savings on the to customer. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: