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Expert: no matter who will be elected president of the United States have entered the Trump era – Sohu news 7, Losangeles voters in the U.S. presidential election early voting China Diao Daming Academy of Social Sciences researcher at the Institute of the United States in November 8th U.S. presidential election voting day, long ass like drama coming to an end. The new U.S. President and Congress will determine the future of the United States in the next four years, the domestic and foreign policy, and even affect the future of the world, causing the world’s attention. There is no doubt that this election is the current United States multi-level discontent emotion as the most important background. Washington’s long-term polarization of politics and even fragmentation is difficult to effectively respond to the wishes of the people, the accumulation of public discontent against the traditional political elite. Since the financial crisis, although the U.S. economy continues to recover in the sense of indicators, but the public can not be achieved because of the high quality of employment and the long-term existence of a sense of deprivation". The middle class, which is known as an important social foundation in the United States, has shrunk to less than 50%. At the same time, the surge in the number of minority population reconstruction of the structure of American economy and employment, and the difficulties between the white minority groups and intensified ethnic conflicts, the deterioration of gun violence and other social ills. In addition, although in the past eight years the United States has not suffered another major terrorist attacks, but the rise of Middle East extremist terrorist organizations but also affects the domestic extreme rise of the thought, lead into various ethnic conflicts "lone wolf" incident, triggered public anxiety. Under the highly emotional public discontent superposition, that Obama did not fully honor its promises, and look forward to a more far from Washington politics and even can bring different candidate solutions effectively change the so-called. So, some of the public a gambling into the Trump between the helpless and no choice. Ironically, this election, which is expected to achieve some sort of change, is ultimately between the two least popular candidates. The Democratic candidate Hilary continued to maintain more than 50% of the satisfaction, while Trump is not more than 70% satisfaction. The reason for such an embarrassing situation is rather complicated. On the one hand, and the elite strong presence of support Hilary in the Democratic primaries, while ensure the locking the nomination, but in 20 years at the Washington establishment also enhanced the image of curing public distrust, the most obvious evidence through the "mail" campaign has undoubtedly become the new "credibility deficit"; in contrast, the Republican Party, with 17 people in the primary historic scale leads to the integration problem, and the so-called "politically incorrect" campaign speech implementation of center of gravity of the Trump but because of the out of the ordinary "Nativism" line and capture the voters, but then broke the record "," tax "and other scandals it is difficult to convince the public. One side is the needs of the people of the United States, while the two presidential candidates can not prove innocence, the U.S. election in 2016 can only be reduced to a show into the political reality show back. Whether it is in the three presidential debate, or in any rally, although the two candidates in specific policy as a topic, but its substantive content is%相关的主题文章: