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Home-Based-Business We all know that theres a LOT of money to be made in the forex trading market. The newest and easiest was it by using a robot that trades for you 24/7. Ive purchased the top two rated robots and have been keeping tabs on their progress. MegaDroid: Although MegaDroid was recently released to the public on March 28th it has actually been running since 2004. I have great respect for the creators for testing and perfecting the robot for so long. MegaDroid is the first to use RCTPA technology and is considered to be capable of making very fast trades with 95.82% accuracy. One of the leading problems with the older robots was the inability to open and close the trades fast enough. Since megadroid has only been available to the public for 1 month, there is not a lot of feedback as to how the robot is doing for the general public. For myself, I can say that it is making a steady profit day after day. MegaDroid is my number one choice for beginners who have little to invest and need a place to start. For those with a larger investment see my review on Fap Turbo. Forex MegaDroid also offers easy installation, an introductory low price at $97 (soon to be $399), 24/7 support, instructions, member-only access, 1 trading license, very fast trading capabilities, and an outstanding robot that will trade for you 24/7. Its never been easier to make money while you sleep! Summary: MegaDroid is my number 1 choice for beginners, those with a small investment amount, and those that already have Fap Turbo and want to run more than one trading account. Get MegaDroid Now. Fap Turbo: Fap Turbo is my favorite choice when it comes to those with larger investments and those with experience in the forex market. Its been around since 2007 and it immediately blew all of the other robots out of the water within a week of test time. My one rejection to fap turbo is that the installation process could be difficult for beginners. I myself had to use customer support a few times before I got everything set up. If youre familiar with the installation process, youll be fine. Since Fap Turbo has been out for quite some time, there is a large amount of information out there from the general public about its successes. Youll also have access to the Fap Turbo Forum after purchasing. This is very helpful if youre curious to see how others are doing. Fap Turbo offers an average installation experience, a decent price at $140 (sale price), 24/7 support, member-only access, 1 trading license, super fast trading capabilities, tons of proof of success, a 60 day money-back guarantee, dual download options (You can chose the beginner or pro version of the robot) Summary: Fap Turbo is my number 1 choice for those with larger amounts to invest, those upgrading from MegaDroid, and of course those who just want to have multiple robots working for them. I myself have fap turbo and megadroid running 24/7 for me. TIP: Fap Turbo is going to recommend using FXDD as your metatrader broker. I do not recommend them. Their spreads are far too high for Fap Turbo to trade well. My fap turbo has been most successful with my Alpari US account. Get Fap Turbo Now To your success!!! Mrs Forex About the Author: 相关的主题文章: