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Arts-and-Entertainment A flat panel television is a light television set that hangs from the wall or ceiling and only three or four inches thick. The most ordinary flat panel televisions are either plasma or LCDs, which stands for liquid crystal display. These flat panel televisions are all the rage because of not only the size but also design and performance. This innovative technology dominates the television market and they are now more frugal as the prices have decreased. As with any new technology, there are a few disadvantages but certainly far more advantages when it .es to flat panel televisions. The most distinguishable advantage of purchasing a flat panel television is its weight and size. One person can not only carry it easily but also hang it up like a picture. You can carry it from room to room, place it almost anywhere instead of having to purchase a television stand or entertainment centre to house the old type televisions. Behind direct view televisions, plasma flat panel televisions have an outstanding picture and the LCDs are extremely close. When it .es to satellite programming and displaying cable, LCDs sometimes miss the mark The variety of flat panel televisions is nearly limitless with a huge selection of sizes. Plasma flat panel televisions start at 42 inches so models smaller than that are LCDs. Unlike plasma televisions, manufacturers designed LCD flat panel televisions to amass and interact with your PC while still operating as a television. Never use your plasma television to display video games or as a .puter monitor as burn-in could be a problem. Both plasma and LCD flat panel televisions have an above average life expectancy of over fifteen years and unlike rear projection televisions, they have no lamp to replace so are more cost efficient. Shop intelligently and enjoy the new flat panel televisions of your desires. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: