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Sales-Training If you’re one of those lucky people in Las Vegas that have a high vaulted glass window; those beautiful glass windows, but they’re 20 feet up in the air, and you don’t know how to get to them, here’s the best way to clean that window: Obviously you need a ladder, but with that ladder you’re going to need drop-cloths. You’re going to need rags that you can put on the ends of your ladder. If you have cultured marble and you put the ladder on that floor, you need to have someone hold the bottom of that ladder or it’s going to slide out from underneath you; causing problems on your wall, as well as causing serious injury to yourself and others. You’re going to need to prop that ladder up against the wall. Just remember that before you put that ladder up, make sure you put the rags on each end of the ladder where the ladder will be going against your wall. So, when you put it up against your wall it will protect your sheet rock. Now once you put it up there, make sure there’s someone holding that ladder so that it doesn’t slip out from underneath you. Then you’re going to have to get up there and wash that glass. Make sure you have the right tools: you are going to need a professional mop and a professional squeegee. You can do this, or you can hire a window cleaning .pany to do that for you. I get a lot of questions from my clients in Las Vegas when I pressure wash their drive way (to get all the oil stains off). One of the questions they ask me is "How are we going to keep this oil off? How are we going to keep it from returning so that we don’t have to keep paying you to pressure wash this?". And, you can do 2 things. 1. You can fix your car. 2. You can seal your drive way. So, after the pressure washing .pany has cleaned that driveway, and the oil is gone, it looks nice, you want to keep it off. The way to do it is to seal it. You can either put a wet look sealant or a flat look sealant. And ask the pressure washing .pany if they can provide this service. This is a very important prevention service that will keep it off for as much as 5 years. And it could cost between $500 to $1000, depending on the type of space and how much square footage you have. Imagine you’re driving up to a Las Vegas Taco Bell, you just ordered your Mexican food, and you’re looking forward to that employee that’s .ing to the window to give you all your food, and all of a sudden they have a Burger King shirt on. And you’re wondering, "This is Taco Bell, right?". That is one thing that is so important. When you have a Las Vegas window cleaning .pany that .es over and is there to clean your windows or power wash your drive way, you should know where they’re from. When the Las Vegas window cleaning .pany shows up at your door they need to be representing themselves well. They need to have the uniform that represents their .pany. You want to know who they are. Typically the way a window cleaning .pany represents themselves will be the way that they’ll actually perform the work on the job. Their quality of work, their service, the professionalism they give you. The way a window cleaning .pany represents themselves will be a reflection on their work: the quality of their work and the professionalism that you will receive from them. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: