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Hong Kong stocks in the vicinity of 22800 points can be very important to support the stock market outlook. Friday A shares finished lower trend, intraday shock stabilization, as of the close, the Shanghai Composite Index closed at 3104 points, down 8, turnover of 212 billion 590 million. Shenzhengchengzhi to close at 10711 points, down 77, turnover of 298 billion 573 million. The net outflow of 10 billion 242 million, a net outflow of 20 billion 138 million in Shenzhen, the financial side is not optimistic. The market is to give people the feeling into the interval box operation, this week, the weekly level adjustment opportunity. Recommendation 3120 points above do buy low sell high, 3140 point pressure is huge and difficult to break through, short-term top. Short 3140 points at the top, short-term support of 3088 points, strong support for the point of 3078. A recent stock rose underpowered in Yindie pattern. But from the hot point of view, Shenzhen, accelerate the reform of state-owned enterprises, the pension market did not bring you enliven the atmosphere. Bad news again on the weekend, the card company to make a reduction in bank shares, the bad bad for the big city. In economics, the trend will find a large change A shares operation and domestic liquidity, in the past two weeks, showing that the market liquidity is not sufficient, last week, the people’s Bank of Chinese reverse repurchase to market liquidity support, but the A shares in the RMB devaluation environment or lack of energy prices, market outlook to 3100 the 3200 point is the resistance range of position. The role of the pension market is only a long live water positive, not too much effect on the short-term. Investors should be rational view of this message. In November the market will open, also means that the Shenzhen Hong Kong through the opening soon (good landing), the brokerage sector should consider rallies to lighten up and avoid. Another need to focus on the event is not yet clear devaluation trend, A shares are full of variables. If the devaluation of the RMB continues to increase the main force can only be carried out to rescue the dead to the city in a high shock. If the devaluation of the road to be curbed, A shares will withdraw from the main stock market to rely on their own vitality callback. The Hang Seng Index Friday opened lower after repeated downward, continue to test the 23000 point integer mark, the afternoon decline in the expansion, the city fell more than 280 points, as of the close, the Hang Seng Index closed at 22954 points, down 177 points, turnover of HK $68 billion 300 million. The devaluation of the renminbi directly have a negative impact on Chinese stock valuation in October, after the golden week is not active enough, strong dollar funds down to Hong Kong to Europe and the United States capital into the enthusiasm is not high, many QFII funds will not be in the dollar under the layout of the Hongkong market. So in terms of the financial level of Hong Kong stocks adverse. Monday, the key to see whether the Hong Kong stocks in the vicinity of 22800 points to get the support of the city to start a rebound, so the short-term support for the market outlook is 22800 points, strong support of 22500 points. Above resistance 23000 points, rebound stabilized at 23000 points in order to improve the city. Hong Kong stocks have recently appeared after the storm pulled down the market phenomenon, it is recommended that investors avoid cattle bear investment varieties. The Bank of Japan will hold a two day monetary policy meeting in Beijing on October 31st, and in November 1st, and is scheduled to相关的主题文章: