Important Tips On How To Get Free Background Checks!

UnCategorized Everyone, at some point in their life, wants to investigate a person and find out who they really are and what their past consists of. Since the advent of the internet, many people believe they can do some free background checks. But do they really exist and can you get information that you need from them? More than likely, you are involved in one of the following situations, which is why you want to find out the background on someone: you have to hire a nanny and you want to safeguard your child; you have a new boyfriend and you suspect foul play; you met someone online and you want to check them out before you meet them; you suspect your spouse of cheating; you are about to hire a new employee and you have to protect you and your business; you are investing in a new business with a new business partner and you want to make sure they check out; and so many more situations that there are just too many to mention. Now that you know you want to get information, how exactly do you go about getting free background checks? And what can you possibly learn through them if they work for you? You can find out lots of information if the search works for you; and that’s a big if. Unfortunately, unless the name is very unique and you know the person’s exact address, you may not turn up any usable results. But since it’s free, it’s worth a try anyway. First, pull up a large search engine such as Google or Yahoo. Type the person’s name in the browser area and put quotation marks around the name. Hit enter and see what you get for results. Look through the first few pages, but if nothing of any use comes up, move to page fifty, then sixty and continue that way. Many times the best results do not come up on the first few pages. If you are successful in your search you may turn up some of the following information: full name and aliases, criminal record, marital status and divorces, credit report and bankruptcies, motor vehicle records and DUIs and much more. If you do not turn up any usable results, then you might have to go to an online investigative company. Be aware as with everything else, that there are good online investigative companies and there are some that are scams. To be sure you are using an honest company; make sure they will give you a money back guarantee if they don’t get you the results you asked for. Also, make sure that they are endorsed by several major U.S. corporations such as: Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and others. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: