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Entrepreneurialism According to his own experience, which includes establishing and running Millennium Drilling, Jonathan Feldman believes the current gas and oil market is both inflated and holding capital dormant. Technology changes and changes in regulations have made a supply of natural gas abundant, and while it is good for consumers, it is not so good for investors. So currently, Jonathan is focusing a greater part of his energy into real estate investment and other areas. Prior to his work with Millennium Drilling, Jonathan had been actively engaged in real estate investments, and had been an advisor for senior living facilities worth hundreds of millions of dollars. He is returning to build upon his past experience and success in the field. As people are living longer, and more and more people are putting off retirement, the need for assisted living facilities for senior citizens will continue to increase. According to Jonathan, this trend will continue at least for the next three decades and he is looking to invest in the field. Jonathan sees Millennium Drilling as part of a past, because the oil and gas business is a high-risk, high-reward type contrary to the real estate market. According to Jonathan, in the oil and gas industry, you dig a hole and drill and spend millions, and if it does not click, or there are other glitches, then you are left with nothing but a hole in the ground. With real estate, even if things go bad, you still have an asset, something concrete that can recover with time. Jonathan has had many setbacks as well as successes as an investor. He thinks its the nature of the game. But he thinks learning from mistakes and finding what to do and how to do it better is what is required of an entrepreneur rather than crying over spilled milk. Jonathan Feldman of Greenwich CT, is also well known for creating Patriot Exploration, a .pany focused on maximizing returns on investment in oil and gas exploration, oil and gas tax advantages and other investor opportunities. In its heyday, Jonathan Feldmans Patriot Exploration offered oil & gas drilling prospects to investment partnerships, and between 2001 and 2008, Patriot Exploration was successful in offering more than 200 drilling opportunities to multiple partnership projects. During the same period, Jonathan Feldman backed Millennium Drilling, which was contracted to drill wells offering guaranteed maximum price drilling contracts to the partnerships, which in turn the .pany sub-contracted to their joint venture partners to carry out the actual drilling operations. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: