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Email-Marketing Gmail doesnt really want you to get rid of any e-mail. Thats why youre given over 7GB of space. For a personal e-mail, thats extremely a lot. However, unread e-mails can add a lot of clutter in your interface, not to mention they can push important e-mails down. Today were going to show you the long and short method of removing unread Gmail e-mails: Heres the long method to it: 1.Open Gmail using your registered account. That immediately leads you to messages interface. The unread e-mails usually remain bold until youve clicked and read them. 2.Tick the box found on the left side of the unread e-mail individually. 3.Press the Delete button found just right above the messages section. You can also delete your unread Gmail messages within seconds. These are the short methods: 1.Look for the box with the drop-down arrow. If you cannot find it immediately, it sits right next to Archive. 2.Click on the drop-down arrow and choose Unread. 3.Press Delete. Thats how easy deleting unread e-mails are. But, wait, theres a minor issue. You need to repeat any of the methods for every page. If you have, say, a thousand of unread e-mails and the page can only show 20, its not impossible to spend 30 minutes just deleting them. Thats a waste of time, right? So we have a few more tricks up our sleeves, and were happy to share them to you. First, you can adjust the number of messages you can see at one time. This way, you can delete more unread messages in a batch: 1.Click the Gear button found at the topmost right-side portion of the screen. 2.In the drop-down menu, select Mail Settings. 3.Make sure youre in the General tab. Go to Maximum Page Size and choose 100 in Show X Conversations Per Page. 100 is the maximum number you can choose. 4.Press Save Changes. Lastly, you can delete all the unread messages in 5 seconds. Go to Search Mail tab and type in label:unread. That will reveal all the unread messages in your mailbox. Tick the box with the drop-down menu. Since you want to delete all the messages, press Select All Conversations That Match This Search so you can also pick those that are found in all the other pages. Press Delete, then OK. Viola! You no longer have any unread Gmail messages. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: