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Effects Of Mixed Martial Arts On Behavior By: cathy fernandes | Apr 10th 2008 – Mixed Martial Arts is essentially an unarmed .bat sport, often described as no-holds-barred .bat sport. Also popularly known as MMA, this free style martial arts involves various fight forms Tags: Mixed Martial Arts – Mma Explosion By: Clark Swihart | Mar 11th 2008 – There is a lot of talk about what martial art is the toughest and which masters of the art could beat all the rest, but never has that question been tested so thoroughly as in field of Mixed Martial Arts, more .monly known as MMA. This full .bat, nearly no-holds-barred type of fighting pits one .petitor against anoth … Tags: Martial Extreme Sports | Are You Informed ? By: Martial | Nov 12th 2007 – a martial art is defined as – 1 : of, relating to, or suited for war or a warrior 2 : relating to an army or to military life 3 : experienced in or inclined to war : WARLIKE a martial art is defined as: various forms of self-defense, usually weaponless, based on techniques developed in ancient China, India, a … Tags: Martial Arts Definition By: kung fu | Sep 14th 2007 – Martial Arts are the various forms of self-defense, usually weaponless, based on techniques developed in ancient China, India, and Tibet. In modern times they have .e into wide use for self-protection, as .petitive sports, and for exercise. Jujitsu teaches skills that enable one to over.e a bigger, stronger opponent. … Tags: Mixed Martial Arts Legends Randy Couture By: lambpie | Aug 26th 2007 – Martial arts have developed over a period spanning centuries, skills and techniques passed from teacher to pupil transcending time and passing through generations. Tags: Martial Arts: What Are They? By: Adrian Adams | Jul 12th 2007 – It is very hard to classify martial arts, since they have existed as long as humanity has been around. Tags: Martial Arts Home Training Machine By: martial artist | Apr 24th 2007 – The martialarm is a martial arts home training partner which allows repetitive practice of training techniques and attack methods because it simulates and reacts like a real opponent actually throwing a punch or an enemy in an aggressive guard. As you train on the martialarm it develops these attack techniques and it allows … Tags: Learn The Devastating Martial Arts That Made Bruce Lee Famous By: Yoshi Kundagawa | Apr 12th 2007 – Learn the Devastating Martial Arts That Made Bruce Lee Famous Tags: Getting A Kick Out Of Different Martial Arts By: Adrian Adams | Jan 24th 2007 – Martial arts are a sport that .bines a variety of different methods of .bat. In some cases, martial arts are used only for use, in other cases; martial arts are used in head-to-head .bat, in generally controlled situations, such as matches or shows. Tags: Martial Arts: Physical Techniques And Mental Discipline By: Adrian Adams | Jan 23rd 2007 – Martial Arts is the .bination of physical techniques and mental discipline. It is used for self defense, body strengthening, relaxation, and even .petition. Tags: How Exactly Did Cagy & Slippery Royce Gracie Explode Mixed Martial Arts? By: Yoshi Kundagawa | Jan 21st 2007 – Why Did Skinny Little Royce Gracie Explode Mixed Martial Arts? Tags: Martial Arts Don’t Turn Kids Into Bullys By: Scott Taylor | Sep 30th 2006 – Many people are afraid that once their child enrolls in a martial arts program they’ll start fighting with others and even be.e a bully. The opposite is usually the case. Tags: Starting Your Own Martial Arts Demonstration Business By: Aurel Radulescu | Aug 31st 2006 – If you are a martial arts expert, then you may be interested in starting your own business with demonstrations for those interested in getting an introduction into the technique. Tags: What To Expect On Your First Day Of Martial Arts By: Javier Lozano, Jr. | Aug 28th 2006 – Everyone is a bit nervous on their first day of trying out martial arts, so no, you’re not alone here. Your first day of martial arts is a lot like a first date. There’s a lot of tension and you’re aware of every little move you make, but when you look back on it a year later it really isn’t that big of a deal. All you’re t … Tags: Keys To Choosing The Right Martial Arts School By: Javier Lozano, Jr. | Aug 28th 2006 – 1. Location The key to learning any martial art is practice. To make this easy for you, look for a school near your home, work or school. The easier it is for you to get there, the more time you’ll spend practicing and the better you’ll get. Eliminate those Well, it’s kind of a long ways away, so I’ll just wa … Tags: Top Reasons To Try Martial Arts By: Javier Lozano, Jr. | Jul 8th 2006 – Just about everyone knows about the popular martial arts, such as Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Kung Fu and Tai Chi…some people have even thought about trying out a class. Bt have you ever actually done it? Do you need a reason? Just about everyone has thought about taking up a martial art at some point in time. May … Tags: Martial Art Belt Ranks – Where Did They .e From And What Do They Mean? By: Javier Lozano, Jr. | Jul 8th 2006 – Martial Art Belt Ranks Where did they .e from and what do they mean? There are many theories why present day martial art schools use belts and sashes as a ranking system and where the concept of using belts came from. We will discuss two philosophies, one that is widely accepted by many pract … Tags: Escrima – The Filipino Martial Art By: George Royal | May 9th 2006 – Escrima is a popular Filipino martial art dating back to the 1500s, during the colonization of the Philippine Islands by the Spanish. Escrima is a very simplified but practical form of .bat technique originally designed as a self-defense tool. Escrima is also known by many other names such as Eskrima, Arnis, Arnis de Mano … Tags: An Overview Of Martial Arts Equipment By: Kael | Apr 18th 2006 – Mom, can I take karate lessons? It"��s a question that"��s bound to .e up if you"��re raising boys "�" and increasingly girls. Martial arts training has be.e as popular with girls as dance and gymnastics used to be. The media attention to such martial sports and fighting arts as kickboxing, muay thai, karate, jiu … Tags: Strengthen Your Mind And Body By Practicing A Martial Art By: Dalvin Rumsey | Apr 11th 2006 – Martial arts are basically a set of physical and mental skills that are gradually taught, developed and polished by a trainer usually called "��sensei"�� for Japanese arts and "��sifu"�� in Cantonese. Tags: Reasons For Choosing A Martial Arts Program By: Barney Garcia | Apr 11th 2006 – There are as many reasons as there are people for choosing a martial arts program. Some people want to be able to defend themselves in any given situation, they want to be.e fitter, they want to boost self esteem or any .bination of the three. The hard part is how to choose a particular program when there are so many to … Tags: Facts About Martial Arts For Kids – Part 1 By: Paul M. Jerard Jr. | Jan 27th 2006 – There are many myths about martial arts training, and the general public accepts some as fact. In the following article, I have outlined general guidelines, and precautions, for parents who are considering enrolling their child, or children, into martial arts. Tags: Facts About Martial Arts For Kids – Part 4 By: Paul M. Jerard Jr. | Jan 24th 2006 – As a parent, you want your child to get the optimum martial arts experience every time they train. This can only happen if the martial arts school establishes clear guidelines for conduct and if all the children participating are "��team players."�� Tags: Facts About Martial Arts For Kids – Part 2 By: Paul M. Jerard Jr. | Jan 24th 2006 – In this continuing series, let’s address more issues and frequently asked questions that concern parents who seek to enroll their child in a martial arts program. The first question in this part is possibly the most important one of all. Tags: Facts About Martial Arts For Kids – Part 3 By: Paul M. Jerard Jr. | Jan 24th 2006 – Over the long-term, the wrong after school activities result in very expensive health and psychological care. Therefore, look at martial arts as preventative medicine, and as a bonus, your child is staying out of trouble. Tags: The Foundation Of Martial Arts: Yoga By: Paul M. Jerard Jr. | Jan 22nd 2006 – Why does "��climb the mountain"�� stance look so much like Warrior I posture? Is it coincidence, luck, or a .mon link? Why does Kundalini have movements that resemble punching, kicking, and martial arts foot work? Are Kung Fu forms an extension of Vinyasa? Each has been referred to as meditation in motion. Tags: Wing Chun – Chinese Martial Art By: George Royal | Jan 18th 2006 – Brief History: Wing Chun (also known as Wing Tsun, Ving Chun or Ving Tsun) is one of the most popular types of Chinese martial arts. Though it"��s basically an unarmed .bat technique, Wing Chun may include weapons as part of its course. The origin of Wing Chun can be traced back to China, but the real histo … Tags: 相关的主题文章: