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Much has been written about Obama Care, the President’s signature legislation that was supposed to provide low cost health care insurance for every American. Unfortunately, it has been an abject failure in so many ways as thousands of news reports and hundreds of expert analyses have proven. In fact, its so unbelievable that one single piece of Washington legislation could create so much havoc, insanity, and hardship for the country and its citizens. Despite the hardships, we have a President and a large portion of Congress that are coldheartedly ignoring the damage to lives, health, the economy and our freedoms that this legislation is causing. This damage, insanity, and hardship include, but are not limited to the following: – So far, almost five million Americans have already lost access to their preferred insurance policies. – Many of these Americans lost access to their current insurance policies while they were in the midst of serious medical treatments, e.g. cancer treatments, leaving their future treatments and health up in the air. – Many of these people will be forced to pay for Obama Care policies that are almost always shaping up to be more expensive, higher premiums and deductibles, with less benefits. – Many Obama Care policies will have severely limited access to preferred doctors and preferred hospitals. – Many Obama Care policies will restrict access to needed medicines. – Thousands of private companies, school systems, government agencies, and non profit groups have restricted hiring, cut back hours, or have fired people in order to avoid the negative financial consequences of Obama Care, putting a heavy, restrictive burden on national economic growth. – The pathetic computer programming of Obama Care’s data systems processes has created what experts are calling "an identity thief’s paradise" and "an identity thief’s wet dream" due to the systems’ inadequate security protocols. – So far the "mix" of Obama Care customers has likely favored the older and sicker components of our population and does not have enough younger, healthier people signing up to make Obama Care’s financials stand up over time. – If this mix problem is not fixed, the American taxpayer will end up bailing out the insurance companies’ financial losses, as stipulated by the legislation. – Many people are walking around thinking that they have valid Obama care insurance coverage but in reality, they may not due to the bad back end programming of the Obama Care website. – This back end programming problem is creating so-called Obama Care "orphans," people who think they have coverage but really do not. Cases have already sprung up across America of sick Americans being turned away from medical treatment because of their "orphan" status. – Congress and the President have agreed to pay Congressional members and their staff members hefty and generous taxpayer funded subsidies so that they will not feel the financial pain of Obama Care, subsidies that are not available to regular Americans and which are in clear violation of the language in the legislation, making these special subsidies both illegal and insulting to regular Americans. – The estimated long term cost of Obama Care has doubled since the first estimate was put forth just three years ago with some reputable analysts estimating the cost is really almost three time higher than the Obama administration promised, i.e. promise broken. – The President personally assured the nation that Obama Care would not add one dime to our national debt but we now know that the legislation is expected to add trillions of dollars to the national debt, contrary to what the Obama administration promised, i.e. promise broken. – The President personally assured the nation that if you liked your current doctor and insurance policy, you could keep it, a probable deception and promise broken. – The President personally assured the nation that the average American household will see their annual insurance premium costs decrease by $2,500, which of course we now know was another deception and promise broken. – The President personally assured the nation that anyone household earning under $250,000 will not see any tax increases, an assertion we now know is wrong and deceptive since the many, many Obama Care taxes will directly or indirectly affect EVERY American, i.e. promise broken. – The promise that Obama Care website will be user friendly and make buying Obama Care policies simple and easy was the exact opposite of reality with the system for months being slow, out of order, or malfunctioning, i.e. promise broken. – To make Obama Care’s financials look good on paper, the legislation strips out $700 billion from the Medicare budget over the next ten years, endangering that program’s financial viability – Many doctors and hospitals are opting out of accepting Obama Care patients, e.g. valid estimates are that upwards of 70% of California doctors will not accept Obama Care policies, creating a health care access shortage across the country, i.e. the good news is that you have health insurance but the bad news is that you cannot get health care even with that insurance. – The legislation has trampled on the Constitutional freedom of religion rights of many companies and non profit organizations by forcing those companies and non profits to provide health coverage for procedures that violate their personal and organizational religious tenets. – A U.S. Senator from Colorado is now under fire and investigation for attempting to convince the state government to publish false, more positive numbers about Obama Care enrollments in the state to make the legislation he voted for look better than it actually is, another deception and certainly a breach of integrity. – Public opinion polls on any aspect of Obama Care show that the public is definitely and strongly against just about any specific aspect and the overall concept of Obama Care, a reality that is being ignored by the President and large segments of Congress. – Small businesses report massive increases in the cost of their employee health care insurance costs, resulting in the dropping of insurance or cutting hours for current employees and not hiring of new employees. – The Congressional Budget Office estimates that even if everything had gone smoothly with the Obama care rollout, which it obviously did not, ten years from now millions and millions of Americans would still not have health care coverage, another broken promise from a piece of legislation whose purported purpose was to get EVERYONE in the country under some type of health insurance coverage. – Since criminal fraud is rampant in existing Federal government health care programs, Medicare and Medicaid, it is likely to be also rampant under Obama Care since the Federal government and political class have shown no ability or inclination to stop fraud anywhere within the Federal government’s budget and operations. – A new Harvard study predicts that Obama Care’s Medicaid component will result in a substantial rise in hospital emergencey room visits, the exact opposite effect that the Obama Care legislation was supposed to have. – Obama Care represents the greatest intergenerational redistriubtion of wealth from younger and generally less affluent Americans to older, generally more affluent Americans. – Training of so-called Obama Care "navigators" has been sparse, inadequate, and infested with allegations on how many navigators are coaching customers how to cheat and lie on their application forms to get Obama Care subsidies they do not warrant. All of this heartbreak, endangering of lives, disruption of household and business expenses and health insurance coverage, violations of the law and the Constitution, lies and deceptions, negative impacts on health care, higher costs, higher national debt, all for a piece of legislation that has not chance of fixing the symptom of our ever escalating high health care costs. Why can’t it succeed? The legislation and those who wrote it never understood the root causes of our high health care costs. Even if things rolled smoothly, the root causes of our high health care costs would still be present and would still be driving health care costs higher. Those root causes include, but are not limited to, the following realities: 1.Americans smoke too much, in part driven by massive subsidies that the Federal government gives to tobacco farmers every year. 2.Americans do not exercise enough. 3.Americans eat too much. 4.Americans eat too much of the wrong types of food. 5.The American food chain is infested with high levels of bad ingredients such as high fructose corn syrup, a reality driven by the massive subsidies the Federal government gives to farmers every year to grow massive amounts of corn which ends up in much of what eat in the form of cheap high fructose corn syrup. 6.The regulatory barriers against insurance companies competing across state lines inhibits cost reducing competition in the health insurance industry. 7.The need for rational and massive tort reform in the health care industry, reform that has been very successful at the state level, is not addressed by the Obama Care legislation. 8.America is aging as the Baby Boomers enter their senior years, resulting in increased incidences of aging diseases, e.g. Parkinsons, dementia, Alzheimer’s, etc., diseases that will crush the nation’s health care system and financials but whose cures are not a priority in the Obama Care legislation. Get Americans moving, get them to stop smoking, clean up the eating habits in this country from the food processing plant to the family dining table, reform insurance regulations and tort laws, and create a national urgency to cure the major diseases of our time, that is how you rein in high health care costs. You do not do it with a 2,000 page piece of legislation that is often indecipherable and was enacted by politicians that admit they never read it. It does not matter how good an Obama Care subsidy is, it does not matter how many people have Obama Care insurance coverage, it does not matter how many taxes you enact to cover the cost of Obama Care. Until the nation addresses these underlying root causes, our health care costs in this country will continue to escalate at such a high rate that they promise to eventually crush the nation’s economy, our freedom, and our health care. Unlike a Barack Obama promise, that is a promise you can take to the bank. 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