Peng Cheng into the city section of the EIA publicity duration of two years main line

Peng Cheng high-speed city EIA publicity period for two years     3 km long line – Sichuan channel — original title: Peng Cheng high-speed city EIA publicity period two years 3 km long line into the city of high-speed Peng engineering diagram yesterday, reporters from the municipal government official website informed, Peng Cheng high-speed into the city at the beginning of the publicity EIA information section. Public information display, Peng Cheng high-speed city a total investment of 1 billion 4 million 762 thousand and 700 yuan, the total project duration of 24 months, from the game to Yuntai Road, ring road, the main line length of 3.131 km. Peng Cheng high-speed city project mainly includes: both lower road 3.131 kilometers; the new upper bridge engineering (including the main bridge, across the East and west side of Baoji Chengdu Railway 2 uplink and downlink B and C ramp, Peng city viaduct, viaduct connected line out of the city into a ramp, Peng elevated A) and drainage, water supply electric power, communications, lighting, gas, safety, landscape and other municipal facilities project. The scope of the project from the match Yuntai Road, end point connected in the loop, along the main road, intersecting with Sai Yun Tai Wang Jia Road, Baoji Chengdu Railway, Commercial Avenue, nine North Road, ring road embankment road tunnel mouth of road, the road on both sides of the distribution of schools and neighborhoods, but also the distribution of Shahe park. Peng Cheng elevated city is put into use, will become a perfect radioactive area north of the city road network structure, enhance the ability and Peng Cheng viaduct traffic service function, to achieve the main city and Pengzhou Area Rapid Transit conversion demand of expressway. King? (commissioning editor Yuan Hanling and Gao Hongxia)相关的主题文章: