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The Environmental Protection Agency "provincial vertical management" 180 thousand people will be affected by the Sohu news Beijing News News (reporter Wang Shuo) 22, the Ministry of Environmental Protection announced the general office of the CPC Central Committee, the State Council recently issued "on the provincial Environmental Protection Agency monitoring the supervision and enforcement of the vertical management system reform pilot guidance", the implementation of the "vertical management of the environmental protection agency under the provincial monitoring supervision and law enforcement". The reform will affect many people? These people will have a vertical pipe change? The deputy director of the Ministry of environmental protection environmental protection vertical management working group office Wu Shunze said, "below the provincial vertical pipe" reform will involve the provincial environmental protection administrative department staff of more than 50 thousand people, 59 thousand environmental monitoring agencies, environmental supervision and law enforcement agencies 63 thousand, add up to to 17 to 180 thousand people, including more than 74% in the county, about 26% in the city. Deputy director of the Ministry of environmental protection environmental protection vertical management working group office Zhang Yujun said, the current monitoring system, staffing is mainly business establishment, supervision system, above the provincial level are mostly public participation (Civil Service Management), accounting for about 80%, but the following municipal large part of the staff is the cause of the identity. He said that after the suspension, the identity of these personnel will not change. Monitoring agency personnel still serve as technical force. Monitoring agencies will be divided into two categories, including the provincial level in accordance with the new monitoring requirements, will gradually turn to the administrative preparation, the city’s old supervision as a force of law enforcement, still follow the original cause. "Vertical change" in the process, will clean up the grass-roots law enforcement officers? Wu Shunze said, down after the change, the local environmental protection agencies in personnel identity, affiliation and financial support will change, but the overall design is very smooth. "The overall feeling, compared to the number of environmental protection system and the increasingly heavy task, there are still gaps," he said, so this reform will not exceed the standard as the key personnel to clean up, don’t just consider the fate of people overweight, adjusting mechanism and system. According to reports, after the reform, environmental protection law enforcement agencies will be further strengthened, the first uniform dress, and equipped with law enforcement equipment.相关的主题文章: