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Pets When people who keep horses need to find a way of keeping their animals enclosed, they have plenty of fencing options. Most popular are wire, wooden and PVC fencing and each has a different set of advantages and disadvantages. Before going into too much detail about the good and bad points of various fencing options, it’s important to underline two important safety issues which are associated with horse fencing. One point is that is’s important to thoroughly check the state of fences regularly in order to spot breakages or damaged points. Secondly remember that if the fence is too short, horses could be tempted to jump over it, which could put them in danger, so make sure that it’s the right height. As a rule of thumb, the fence should be around as tall as the horse’s nose. If there are a few horses kept together, put the fence at around the nose height of the biggest horse. Out of wood, wire and PVC fencing, it is wire that is the cheapest by quite a large margin. However it is not generally durable enough to make a good horse enclosure fence. It also increases the risk of injury to horses grazing or scratching themselves on it because it is difficult for them to see and so they are more likely to walk into it or scratch up against it. The next cheapest is wood, which has the advantage of being traditional and attractive and may even add value to a property. However, it is unfortunate that wooden fencing does require a good amount of maintenance. It must be painted regularly and is likely to blister, peel or rot, especially when it be.es excessively wet. Also, the installation process often requires the use of nails which can pose dangers to horses. Should a horse injure themselves on loose nails they are likely to be.e distressed which will most likely cause further danger. PVC fencing does not .e with such problems. It is stronger and lasts longer than wooden fencing and does not split or splinter, even in wet weather. Ongoing investment of time and money in investment and repair is not necessary with PVC fencing. PVC fencing reduces the risk of injury to horses because it does not have nails. Although PVC fencing is the most expensive type on the market, the initial investment is offset by the longer term savings such as long life, lack of maintenance and time saved on repair and installation. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: