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Travel-and-Leisure For a week-end of idyllic pleasure, ensconced in luxurious surroundings, pampered by generous global amenities and eclectic culinary delights that make life a moveable feast; for two days of sheer sybaritic delight among rooms of lavish proportions and ornate beauty, of high vaulted roofs and massive baithaks, of living like royalty in the Sheela Mahal – this palace hides behind three layers of profusely decorative arches which carry a stairway seemingly to the skies. Its bathroom has a voyeurs view over the pool and an octagonal turret seating feels like a secret medieval chamber…intrigues, romantic trysts and much more could still be possible here you envision in your minds eye…..All this and heaven too, is seemingly what heritage hotels in India and resplendent resorts near Delhi for weekend offer you like a luscious offering from a many-splendored feast of fulsome flavours…. Whether you stay in the Hara Mahal an abode blessed by no less a deity than Lord Shiva and has a typically ethnic Indian seating behind its peacock arches in a space adorned by subtly beautiful Raja Ravi Varma oleographs, while the rooftop offers stunning views of the magnificent fort-palace and its scenic surrounding countryside, or absorb French flavours in Francisi Mahal, is entirely a matter of personal preferences… Resorts near Delhi for the week-end, which lie on the beautiful 6-lane Delhi-Jaipur highway and are easily accessible, make them a popular choice among heritage hotels in India for a week-end of indulging yourself and having fun simultaneously… Whether it is participating in activities with an adrenalin rush like zip-lining or rejuvenating and reinventing yourself at the sensuous spa with its extensive range of spa therapies and ancient Ayurvedic treatments at the hands of experienced and skilful masseurs, its your call to choose your personal form of pleasure and relaxation! When you select such splendid resorts near Delhi for week-end for a well earned break and indulging in diverse delights, whether it is savouring a scrumptious lunch for non-resident guests at the property, admiring the hanging gardens, or revelling in the two outdoor pools for residents to swim out to viewing distant horizons… or simply absorbing the magnificent ambience of this massive property with six acres of fortified palaces tiered over 14 levels – a marvel to see and experience, being a heritage monument-hotel where the walls tell the story of five and a half centuries, you can simply do what you please! Dining in palatial environs in the beautiful banquet hall or dining under the stars, in a charming dining arrangement juxtaposed against the impregnable walls of the majestic fort-palace, you can have your fill of North-Indian Rajasthani cuisine with a few Continental or Oriental dishes thrown in at random to suit a wide range of tastes and palates and dream on of a fairytale holiday that never ends…! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: