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Careers-Employment There are numerous careers in the science field. To be a marine biologist, you need to learn about ocean life and its association with the environment. Choosing such a career is more of a passion than money. This is because the salary of a marine biologist is not very high till you get a higher position. The responsibilities of a marine biologist mainly include studying marine fish populations, protect and record details about marine organisms and study about these marine creatures in a lab. These people need to carry out intensive research from smaller to the biggest mammals. The major responsibility of a marine biologist is to observe and analyze the different aspects of aquatic life. They also deal in survival or saving of aquatic life, especially they are very careful about the rare species, and for that purpose they create awareness for their existence. Marine biologist can teach, write a script, and do talk shows on TV or through magazines. To be a professional marine biologist, your education qualification should have a degree in Biological Sciences, Marine Biology, Aquatic Biology, Biological oceanography, Applied Marine Biology and Oceanography. The other requirements are knowledge about subjects like Physics, Mathematics and Statistics and oceanography. Command over communication skills, team handling etc. will be a plus. Like other fields, here also if you are very determined from the first, then keep your science grades up to the mark. After school, search for the best college which offers marine biology courses. Seek a consultant or an educational counselor to advise you the best colleges in town. You need to be very attentive as it is your first step towards your career. The best college will bring the best out of you, so be careful in terms of selecting your college. Once you start your course, you can apply for academic internships or summer internships in the field of marine biology. What does the job responsibilities of a marine biologist include? The job nature is more of field work. Their work mainly includes researching on coastal areas, travel a lot to do field study on beaches, in sea or even attend conferences, training and seminars. They are hired mainly by research organizations, laboratories etc. Salary of a Marine Biologist: The average mean salary of a marine biologist ranges around $40,000 to $70,000. It depends on what educational qualifications you possess, how much work experience you have and the location of your work place. All such factors are considered before fixing a salary. If you are holding a good position hierarchy wise then there are chances of you getting a higher payment. If you are really passionate about this field, then only opt for this field. Once you are done with your educational requirements, script a good professional resume with necessary details like educational qualification, contact details, objective, work experience and other important information. You can also seek out the classifieds, or apply at science job portals. Such efforts will definitely lead you to your dream job, and with a good marine biologist salary. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: