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Marriage-Wedding No doubt that speaking in public will give anyone butterfly, but knowing that your speech means such a lot to many people when you’re invited to give a toast as the maid of respect, can drive any girl to distraction. You will want to effectively convey your affection for your best chum, the bride, and your contentment that she has found the person of her dreams with whom she wants to spend the rest of her life. OK, now what? Expressing Your Thanks Customarily the maid of honor toast will follow that of the finest man. You can start out by thanking the elders of the bride and groom, or whoever is hosting the celebration, for their munificence at giving such a wonderful reception. You are able to say things like "the bride and her dress mixed seem like a million dollars. I’m wondering who is footing the bill for that." Hopefully that will be followed by a few laughs. You can then express your thanks to the bride for selecting you to be her maid of honor. You can tell how honored and excited you were when she asked you to have such a special place on her most special of days. What stories Should You Relate? You can start out by asserting how you have seen your girl, the bride; go through many hubbies and relations. You are able to say, "She never looked quite content and fulfilled until she met the groom." You can relate some yarns about the two of you when you first met, whether as primary school mates from the neighborhood, sharing a room together at school or any other funny incident that may relay the long scope of your .radeship. If the bride is your sister, you can .e up with many funny stories about growing up together. You can then follow by saying ( if you’re not married or in a relationship yourself ) that you hope to someday be as happy as the bride is today and you find a superb man like the groom to be your husband. Finding just the right words might be hard, but what will be even harder is making the toast without getting emotional. When you have a best friend and you are seeing her face so contented and shining, it can’t help but move you and giving a talk to demonstrate your feelings about the bride and groom is an accolade you must take very seriously. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: