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Shenzhen Tong entered the countdown   capital sharing interoperability brings new opportunities — public opinion channel — a review of the public opinion,, high-profile Shenzhen Tong officially approved, of which the industry discussion craze set off. Public opinion, Shenzhen Tong officially opened, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Hongkong, the three exchanges will truly achieve interoperability, this is a milepost of opening up and developing the capital market China, it has important significance for promoting the development of capital market. The insurance industry, the China Insurance Regulatory Commission issued the "Interim Measures for the management of insurance consumer risk tips (Draft)". Analysts said that the interim measures to enhance the social public and consumer risk identification and self protection ability, and help ease troubled insurance industry for many years, the problem of misleading sales, to promote the healthy and stable development of the insurance industry. Mutual gold risk supervision, the CBRC 3 ministries jointly issued the "Interim Measures" business management information network lending agency, the industry generally believe that the "Interim Measures" of the introduction of the release of a positive signal for the industry, but also clear direction for the development of P2P platform in the policy means. Two, hot analysis (1) Shenzhen Tong entered the "countdown" capital sharing interoperability brings new opportunities recently, the Shenzhen Hong Kong through the market once again become the focus of heated debate. In August 16th, the State Council officially announced the approval of "Shenzhen Tong plan". Then the China Securities Regulatory Commission and the Hongkong Securities Regulatory Commission on August 16th signed the "Joint Declaration" Shenzhen Hong Kong, the Shenzhen Hong Kong through details: Shenzhen and Shanghai Hong Kong Tong in the design time of the transaction, settlement pattern, investment threshold of the trading mechanism is similar, but the limit has been adjusted, the underlying securities also expanded the scope of. The announcement also said that the formal implementation of the scheme from the joint to the date of the announcement, 4 months time to prepare, it is expected that the Shenzhen Tong will be the end of 2016 officially run. [opinions] "people’s Daily" published "Hongkong" a positive evaluation of all walks of Shenzhen Tong Wen said, Hongkong from all walks of life to the "joint announcement" positively that Shenzhen Tong will be formally implemented, marking the interconnection mechanism between the mainland and Hongkong market further, will promote both mutual benefit and win-win. Said that the SAR Government Financial Secretary Ceng Junhua, the establishment of the Shenzhen Tong on both for mutual benefit and win-win, will be conducive to the mainland capital market risk can be controlled in case of further opening, but also conducive to promoting the internationalization of RMB; international investors through the Hongkong market more comprehensive investment in the mainland market, to consolidate Hongkong’s status as an international financial center. "Securities Times" commented that the Shenzhen Tong will not simply copy the Shanghai and Hong Kong through the plot, will not immediately trigger a new round of bull market. But brokerage analysts also pointed out that although the short term does not necessarily promote the share price rose sharply, but the Shenzhen Hong Kong will become A shares market upstream of the catalyst, the long term, the two stock market or will usher in a wave of big market. The Xinhua News Agency published a review article "overseas funds ahead of the layout of industry that Shenzhen Tong is not the core variable" market Chinese quoted UBS Securities chief strategist Gao Ting saying, should not exaggerate the changes brought by the Shenzhen tong. Although the Shenzhen market has a good growth,相关的主题文章: