Slam A Car Into A Wall @ 160mph And Walk

Sports-and-Recreation Does this sound like your idea of fun? Do you believe it could never happen? There have been a lot of people that have done it and continue to do it. It doesn’t matter whether they are testing a new car, doing it for a movie, trying to outrun the cops, or because their job is to push it to the limit . No matter what they are doing, there are people out there who do crashes into things that they probably shouldn’t, and walk away. There are also crashes that no one will ever walk away from. You can find videos on all of these at the motorsport video sharing site. The people at Motorsport Mad thought that everyone should be able to see when someone turns a beautiful machine into scrap metal. They have videos from Formula 1, Nascar, off road and police chases where some have made it and some haven’t. There are tributes to the greats and motorsport video uploads to show you what you shouldn’t do when traveling at high speeds, and comically at slow speeds. Things like you really shouldn’t dump your bike at the very beginning of a race. It makes it hard to even place when you do things like that. You can see a Corvette try to jump a wall in the first 50′ of a drag race. They have stuff that you can see on national TV and scenes that you won’t find anywhere else. There is an idiot who turns the wrong way in a well marked street race. They have a video of a stupid criminal that decides he’s going to try to outrun the cops in a late 90’s quarter ton pickup, he gets caught in guide wires for a telephone pole, spins out, the passenger jumps out of the pickup, jumps into the bed when it starts moving again, crawls into the cab while they are racing down a dirt road just to take a wrong turn, find a dead end and hit a wall. They might have had a better chance if the had made sure that the front tire had air in it. These are all things that you can find in front of the video camera. It doesn’t matter what kind of vehicles you’re into, or what kind of crashes you like, they have something that you will like. If you would rather see races where the cars don’t crash they have those also. There is one of a racer in Ireland, who gets stuck behind a car just traveling down the road. Listening to the driver and his copilot is quite amusing. No matter what you are into, if you like engines and wheels you will find something to your liking. Some of the video footage is hilarious, others are just plain tragic, but they all appeal to our sense of excitement and interest in watching accidents happen. It may be because are glad that the crash didn’t happen to us or a friend, or because it is simply a highly embarrassing moment for someone that just happened to get caught in the viewfinder of the video camera. Either way, the footage on this website is great for entertainment, thrills, chills and thankfulness that the driver walked away from the crash, or regret when he didn’t make it. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: