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Business Various appliances use a temperature control switch to function. Temperature switches are used to turn an appliance on or off. There are many types of temperature switches available on the market. The type of temperature control switch used depends on the appliance. There are some basic functions for temperature controllers or devices. One should understand these functions in order to choose the best one. A temperature control switch depends on a temperature sensor. This sensor compares the actual temperature to the desired one. The sensor sends an output to the temperature control switch. In choosing temperature switches, one should evaluate a few things. The type of sensor and the temperature range should be considered. An algorithm is on/off or proportional in temperature controllers. The output type is another factor to evaluate when choosing a switch. The number of outputs impacts the choice of controller installed. Three basic types of temperature controllers are on the market. These are the on/off, proportional, and PID temperature switches. The temperature switches used depend on the system being controlled. An on/off temperature control switch is the simplest type of device. This switch goes on and off when the temperature goes up or down. The temp goes above or below a set point and the controller engages. This type of control switch has the potential to turn on repetitively. This could lead to potential problems so the set point is a range. The range of temperature helps limit the amount of times it turns on. Other temperature controllers available are proportional controllers. These are designed to eliminate the on/off cycling explained above. A set point is still needed with proportional temperature controllers. These temperature switches turn on/off when outside a set point range. Within the set point range, they decrease the power supplied. This helps maintain current temperature to prevent the on/off cycling. This temperature control switch is somewhat efficient to save energy. The range of the set point can be adjusted for more device control. A PID temperature control switch is also available on the market. PID temperature controllers use proportional controls and adjustment. These adjustments are integral and derivative to compensate. A PID control switch is the most efficient and accurate of the three. It is the most stable as it requires individual setting of set point. This is best used in lightweight appliances that react quickly. About the Author: Senasys is a thermostat supplier for a wide variety of appliances. They primarily have two bimetal temperature switches and many types of control switches. Senasys provide quality engineered thermostat controls for both light and heavy duty opportunities. These thermostats are sealed to work in the harshest environments. To view these high quality products, go to .senasys.. . Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: