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Real-Estate At a certain time in one’s life, to get away from the hustle-bustle of an overcrowded city, one starts looking for a new home in a relatively quieter and peaceful locality. Consider the beautiful and luxurious suburb of Port Washington and its lavish homes. Only a few times in a year are the Port Washington homes for sale. The town of Port Washington is located between the green hills and the water’s bay. In fact, one can view the expansive marina and the beaches while taking a stroll down the hills. The town is endowed with landscaping beauty in the form of exquisite parks that make perfect picnic spots. In fact, the peacefulness and availability of a number of theatres, restaurants and .munity centres have made this place a favourite with renowned artists and writers. All these reasons contribute to the fact that an opportunity of Port Washington homes for sale should not be missed; there is more often than not a large waiting list. The main attraction of the Port Washington homes for sale is the houses themselves. The extraordinary houses range from the imposing ones from the Victorian era with sweeping pillars and wide balconies to the more contemporary homes with all the trappings of modernity and fantastic porticos overlooking the bay; there are also traditional cottages for the ones preferring to live in solitude. Discounting the scenic splendour, there are a few things to be kept in mind while looking for Port Washington homes for sale . The town is very close to the station of the Long Island Railroad hence for one concerned with their budget and looking to save on bus/cab rides from inside the city, opting for a Port Washington home that is nearer to the station is a smart choice. This .bined with the fact that Port Washington homes for sale closer to the water’s edge are pricier than those near the station, due to the more upscale location and fantastic views; a home closer to the station is not a bad bargain. One should also look for homes that are farther west towards the bay area because the views from these are unmatched by houses further inland. Properties in Port Washington and hence housing prices have increased phenomenally in recent years; some houses are priced at least 30% more than the same in New York. This is due to Port Washington’s increasing popularity as an upmarket neighbourhood; house owners have made fortunes selling off Port Washington homes for sale. But when one is a mere 35 minutes away from Manhattan but close enough to nature in a trendy, touristy town, the inflated prices are expected. Another point that needs to be considered while buying Port Washington homes for sale is that the homes located in the low-lying areas and closer to the beach might have poor exterior condition and may require repairs. Also, make sure that there is no water logging in the basements. For people with children, take note that Port Washington homes .e with a hefty school tax. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: