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Cooking-Tips Cooking is fun. But unfortunately, not everybody thinks so. There are perpetual toast burners, cake burners, or worse, hand burners among us who are famous for their misadventures in the kitchen. If you are one of them and want to (finally) learn a few things about cooking, then you are in good hands. There are several cooking classes in the country, that teach you everything from easy Singapore recipes to more elaborate dishes, given the level of your ability. Given the vibrant mix of cultures in Singapore, you can join these cooking classes to try your hand at Asian, Middle Eastern, European and Indian cooking styles. Palate Sensations Whether you’re a whiz in the kitchen, a hobby cook, a wannabe gourmand, or just want to try something new and fun, Palate Sensations has something for everyone. from three-hour introductory sessions for beginners to an eight-week intensive Chef In Training course for aspiring chefs, here you can not only hone your culinary skills but also take part in cooking worships and holistic lessons were you can learn the ancient art of Chinese cooking. Group sessions are also available where students are mentored by experts. Caution: You may not want to return to your kitchen after the swank cooking experience! Shermays Cooking School Founded by Shermay Lee, the granddaughter of the late Lee Chin Koon, the famous Singaporean cookbook author, Shermays is the place if you want to learn how to create the .fort foods grandma used to make. The focus is on Chinese-Malay (Nonya) food and there are different classes for both newbies and advanced cooks. Aside from traditional Asian cuisine, the school also offers French, Chinese and seasonal menus and some of the favourites include the Japanese-Italian dessert class, beer brewing and chocolate sessions. So EZ Cooking Playground Geared towards children aged three and above, So EZ is your best bet if your kids are interested in learning some culinary skills. From finger food to easy recipes that can be tried out in a microwave oven, reviews about So EZ claim that this is the place to be for kids, whether they want to cook or have a party with a group of friends. So EZ’s classes are hosted by chefs from Food Junction and the place is fitted with child-friendly equipment and small cooking stations to make kids feel eager to participate. Coriander Leaf Founded in 2001, cooking classes at Coriander Leaf are hosted by chef Samia Ahad, who teaches you how to cook everything from local street food to Pakistani, Sichuan, Persian, Turkish and Lebanese dishes. Ahad is known for her dedication to students and one can either learn from the demonstration classes or more hands-on cooking classes. You can learn fifteen types of cuisines on-site, and for more intensive training, private classes are also available. Basilico Learn to cook a three-course Italian meal, including dishes like pizza, fish, meat, pasta and soup, or learn the art of espresso-making, at Basilico you are taught how to whip up a gourmet meal. Hosted by chef Angelo Ciccone and sous chef Luca Carrino, Basilico is the Italian restaurant inside the Regent Singapore hotel, so you can be assured of getting trained by the best in the business. So there you have it. No more misadventures in the kitchen. Get hands-on training and wow everyone with your culinary skills! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: