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Software The recent release of Java Web Services Developers Pack (Java WSDP) version 1.0 from Sun Microsystems gives Java developers the opportunity to easily access all-in-one download that helps in the Java development of web services. This Java development pack possesses all the Java APIs for XML that is also available in the Java XML Pack as well as the Apache Tomcat server and other components that are essential for the development and testing of Java development projects. The Java Web Services Development Pack allows Java developers to successfully implement web services standards through an easy to understand installation package. This package, which can be used for Java development web service consists of a grouping of production-ready implementations and various components that is used only for testing purposes. Therefore this particular pack is not ideal for java development where deploying production applications are required. It is primarily meant to give Java developers an opportunity to develop and test web services. The various components that Java developers can find within the Java WSDP are: This Java development web service pack offers JAXP, which is a pluggable API that allows any vendors implementation of the W3Cs referred XML APIs. JAX RPC is the Java API meant to support SOAP 1.1 XML based RPC calls. The basic JAX-RPC file consists of a functional JAX-RPC client that invokes web services and a reference implementation for the JAX-RPC server. Java Web Services has numerous benefits including Web services solve your business intersystem communication problems. Also business owner combine your ERP system data, products shipping data as well as updated sales data through web services with your business applications. Other benefits are interoperability and flexibility. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: