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Wine-Spirits After a week’s hard slog, you might be looking forward to celebrate your weekends. If you are working in Singapore, you have plenty of refreshment options that can be chosen to make your weekends enjoyable. The country is a major tourist hub mainly because of the fabulous entertainment options available. The excellent Singapore bars, shopping malls, amusement parks, museums and the wide variety of food options can help you to revitalize your cells and have a gala time. The ones working in the country can enjoy all these facilities more frequently. Here are some of the ways by which you can enjoy your weekends in the country. Evening markets You might have lived all your life in Singapore and visited all the places that are worth visiting. That does not however mean you cannot enjoy an evening out. There are exclusive markets in Singapore that open only in the evening time. It is one of a kind and is worth an experience. There are street caf’s that allow you to enjoy your food in the street style while you can get the feel of the city hustling past around you. These evening markets have anything from clothes to kitchen accessories to electronic gadgets. You can get a good bargain if you have the patience to select from the multitude of items that they have. Or else you can relax by doing some window shopping. Elegant restaurants You can pamper yourself or your loved one by going out for a dinner date. Singapore has a wide variety of choices on whatever type of restaurant you want to try. Mostly all restaurants have bars attached to them. Restaurants can be the economic ones to the high end ones. Multi cuisine or specific cuisine type restaurants are also available. Choose a restaurant with a good ambience that allows you to relax and enjoy your time. Some of these restaurants have special sports bars attached to them. If you are with your family and you want to catch up with any game of a team that you always track you can take up this option as these are the best places to watch sports at bar. The pubs and bars With such a moving population in the country, Singapore has umpteen numbers of pubs and bars owing to the young crowd that is always there. So you need not be surprised if you find a pub every corner. As cigarette smoking is not initiated in the open public places these pubs and bars attract a lot of crowd that way too. It is always fun to watch a match live in the stadium mainly because of the aura that is created by the crowd cheering and getting that adrenaline rush. One another way that is possible is by enjoying sports in a sports bar. There are exclusive team or football club sports bars in Singapore. What better way can you think of for watching your favorite team playing, than at an exclusive team club. Such a bar is the best bar to watch sports. Make best out of your leisure time because it’s the very least of what you can do for yourself. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: