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When the man was "red" live drink chili oil     no red almond first swollen — people.com.cn Health Channel – people.com.cn original title: man as "Red Net" live drink chili oil no red almond first swollen a month ago, allow yourself to fire up the Internet to attract customers, engaged in the business of yellow Lijun roasted rabbit in a broadcast platform recording uploaded two section of your drink chili oil and sesame oil in video, result not only did not "Red Net", your body also suffered little damage. To review the experience, Huang Lijun very regret. People did not fire up, but hurt the body, but also suffered more than 3000 yuan treatment fee, delay business for more than and 20 days, the loss is not small." He said that people do not fire, the idea of online shopping customers can not be achieved. Will never do such a "stupid". Drank two bottles of oil in the hospital 20 year old Huang Lijun, currently in Weiyuan County suburbs rent roasted rabbit business, August 28th, spare time, he in a broadcast platform has recorded a drink of chili oil and drink sesame oil two videos. "The first drink two scoop of chili oil is very hot, Weiyuan seven Pepper Fried, spicy drink throat and stomach, but barely acceptable. The second section is my salad oil and sesame oil, hot pepper, pepper, cumin and anise and other spices fried after filtration, drink (feeling) is very boring." Huang Lijun said, August 28th recorded second videos after half an hour, he began to diarrhea, throat discomfort. Two days after diarrhea symptoms eased, the throat is still some discomfort, thought that a few days will be better, he did not care. Until September 2nd, swallow it uncomfortable, he arrived at the clinic. After treatment in the clinic did not improve, in September 11th, he went to the Weiyuan County People’s Hospital for treatment, the doctor diagnosed as tonsil inflammation and abscess. In September 23rd, Huang Lijun hospital. "The doctor, I eat very difficult, eat only Rice porridge every day." Weiyuan County People’s Hospital ENT doctor Tang Haopei, Huang Lijun arrived in the hospital, because of tonsil inflammation, abscess on the right side of both sides are very difficult, even the mouth. And yellow Lijun tonsil abscess more powerful, such as a later time to the hospital, the tonsil abscess may block the respiratory tract, cause breathing difficulties and endanger life. Spicy food so that the stomach injury is not shallow pepper in the mouth can bring a feeling of hot and spicy, but it can not be the case in the stomach. Eat too much, not only the stomach burning sensation, but also stimulate the intestinal tract, causing diarrhea or constipation." Chinese Medical Doctor Association digestion Specialized Committee professor Gao Xiang stressed that once this happens, it is necessary to stop eating spicy, not to stimulate the stomach. Beijing Chinese Medicine Hospital zhiweibing Center Deputy Director Zhang Guoying also suggested, try not fasting to eat chili, reduce the stimulation of the gastric mucosa do not eat chili peppers, more immediately eat cold food, or a hot cold will damage the gastrointestinal blood vessels. People to eat chili peppers, CPPCC National Committee members, the Chinese Center for Disease Control and prevention professor Li Rong said, this kind of irritating food is not conducive to the middle-aged people, tends to dull health characteristics. High blood pressure, not spicy too active. Eat chili, not only the circulating bloodvolumeincrease rapid heartbeat, tachycardia, may also interfere with the original)相关的主题文章: