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Finance Terror attacks in Mumbai, on 27 November 2008, atleast 173 people were killed and few others were feared to death. A series of blasts ripped through packed train cars, stations and few 5 star hotels in Mumbai. It all started in the wee hours on Tuesday evening, which is considered as worst terror attack in India, so far, say roughly over a decade. The stations targeted were Trident Hotel, Taj Hotel, Nariman House, Wadi Bunder, Cama hospital, GT hospital, VT station, Bootleggers pub, Girgaum and Metro cinema. Flames engulfed a corner of the building’s ground floor and dark smoke billowed from windows amid a steady stream of gunfire as Indian .mandos intensified a counterattack against holed-up gunmen. There are also reports of low intensity blast in Ville Parle and grenade attack in Santa Cruz. Two blasts have been reported in Napean Sea road area of south Mumbai. This was a three day long fight between the terrorists and the .mandos. .mandos killed the last two gunmen inside the luxury Oberoi hotel. By then, the three day attack killed several of them, and few others were evacuated from the Oberoi hotel early on Friday. Dazed survivors, with blood on their faces, stared blankly at the explosion sites, some trying desperately to speak to their families on mobile telephones held by young men. All this while, the down pouring of rain had made the situation more grim and worsened the whole event. The hostages claimed that the gun men were dressed in black. Security was tightened in Mumbai Thursday after the fierce terror attacks, police said. At least 800 army personnel have been deployed at various locations in Mumbai after the recent attack in November. Mohammed Ajmal Amir Qasab and Azam Amir Qasab have been the prime accused in the recent attack which was said to be plotted in Pakistan. Qasab has been taken into custody in the case of the killings at the CST station, one of the sites of the attacks. The earlier attack on 11th July had a different set of people arrested. Two of the accused caught were Kamal Ahmed Sheikh and Tanveer Ansari who were subjected to narco-analysis tests at the Lady Bowring and Curzon hospital in Bangalore for the second successive day on Thursday who were later put to brain-mapping at the Forensic Science Laboratory the next day. These were brought under tight security by the Mumbai Police along with the 9 other arrested in connection of this July 11th Mumbai serial bomb blasts. This has still left 800 injured, the worst blast ever taken place in India has raised several questions about the citizens security. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: