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Xi Jinping visited Beijing Bayi school teachers and students to visit in September 9th recorded in Beijing Bayi school. Original title: Xi Jinping to visit Beijing City Bayi school students visit Beijing on 11 September, xinhuanet.com on the morning of 9, on the eve of the thirty-second teachers’ day, general secretary Xi Jinping to return to the alma mater, Beijing Bayi school, visit condolences to the teachers and students, and teachers and educators to take holiday greetings. Warm sunshine, green grass. Xi Jinping is walking in the campus, visit the exhibition, fondly recalled 50 years ago in the campus. The teachers and students in the forum, he and his former teacher sat together at the table of unforgettable friendship. "I miss that time," he said passionately. No matter where you go, I will miss his alma mater, keep in touch with his alma mater." Old teachers said, so many years he has not changed, or as a "good style" and "honour the teacher and respect his teaching". The students said, did not think so "warm" seniors "amiable and easy of approach". This is the Beijing Bayi school library in the September 9th shooting of history exhibition room. "He is very familiar with the structure and layout of the campus, the Bayi school in Beijing city has feelings" established in 1947, is one of the older generation of revolutionaries Rongzhen marshal Nie Rongzhen founded the school for children development. 60s of the last century, Xi Jinping spent primary and secondary school here. 9 am, Xi Jinping and his party into Bayi school. Let President Shen Jun by surprise, he had to do a lot of preparation, to introduce the relevant circumstances of the school, but later found that the "white prepared", because the general secretary of the alma mater "too familiar". Xi Jinping came to the library, see the school plan before 50s, chenjiaochang briefing, will explain it in the best of spirits: here is the hall, which is the restaurant, this is the dormitory I lived…… Visit the school history exhibition, Xi Jinping, each stage of school development in old photographs of old school principals, teachers, teaching his old classmates remember. "Next year, Bayi school will usher in the 70 year anniversary, so we used 70 different photos in form of history exhibition." Shen Jun said, Xi Jinping stood in the photo before about the history of the school, school, School of change are familiar with. "One of the photos on the campus, he is in 1979 to participate in the celebration when he shot, the class name is basically out of memory." In real booth, Xi Jinping looked at his primary school archives, the student card teacher read of his reviews. Peer teacher recalls, in this file, Xi Jinping read 10 pages, recalled the 6 students. The visiting time is beyond the scheduled time. The campus of a, B, C, Ding floor, is the student dormitory, two of which remain so far. Xi Jinping walked through the campus, into a room on the second floor. He recalled that this small room is a place where teachers live in the past, next to the large room is a student dormitory, and now this old building, it is not easy to save. Shen Jun said that the general secretary told him that although the school has now taken a new look, but the basic structure can vaguely see, "he is very familiar with the campus structure, layout, but also very emotional"相关的主题文章: