Youtubers Unite To Give 600-pound Man Weight Loss Advice And Help-roselip

You’re about to turn 23 years old. You’ve recently become an uncle for a second time, and though you’re a diabetic, you think about being father a yourself one day. And you weigh at least 600 pounds (272 kilograms). That is the situation that one "Raging" Robert Gibbs of Livermore, California (USA) finds himself in. He also struggles with asthma, sleep apena, body sores, and standing up for more than a few minutes. Housebound for four years, the Internet is Gibbs’ only link to the rest of the world. And the day before his twenty-third birthday, he put it to use: he videotaped himself and put it on YouTube ( ). "I’m making this video because I don’t know what else to do…I’ve tried everything possible…but I’ve just gained the weight back…I’m making his video and trying to get it to go viral and get somebody’s help…a personal trainer, nutritionist, Doctor Phil… I’m really scared …" As of March 6, 2012, the video has received more than one million views, and Gibbs has indeed been contacted by the Doctor Phil and Biggest Loser television shows. (On a local TV station news report, you see Gibbs actually crack a smile.) But this is being written in honor of the vast majority of those who supported him with 18,000 comments and uploaded the dozens of video responses. Unfortunately, there was a minority of those who couldn’t resist turning Gibbs’ plea into knee-jerk (and I DO mean "jerk") negativity or political posturing. But Gibbs did say that he knew there would be people who would "make fun" of him, "but I really don’t care." Forget about them – especially when one of the videos from was an adolescent whose who surpassed Gibbs’ detractors in maturity and class by light years, and that some of the messages of support were from people who could not express themselves in English. Especially heartwarming was the video responses of other overweight and obese people – who better to feel Gibbs’ pain, grasp the enormity his courageous first step, and offer their own weight loss help ? They made the effort to contribute what they could in terms moral support and weight loss tips that had served them well, such as drinking more water, avoiding expecting overnight results, moving away from fast food and closer to juicing and raw dieting, setting personal goals, treating his sleep apnea first, and devoting equal time to developing a new mindset in which food does not rule his life. Which is probably why Gibbs has asked for access to "Dr. Phil" McGraw, whose specialty his psychology rather than weight loss help . I suspect Gibbs realizes that there no hope of a permanent recovery unless he can unveil and unravel the psychological issues involved in his food addiction. There are obviously family dynamic issues as well — unless he is doing so by phone, Gibbs is not supplying himself with an endless stream of food. While there are any number of weight loss programs, there is one that would be especially good for Gibbs: it doesn’t make you go "cold turkey," can be adjusted for conditions like diabetes, and devotes time to adjusting your mindset toward food. It costs less than fifty dollars US and is available at . It’s good to be reminded that humankind is good at heart — otherwise, the species would have made itself extinct centuries ago. And here’s hoping that Robert Gibbs becomes the first man in history who solved his weight problem by giving himself a virus – a video virus, that is! 相关的主题文章: